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H 225: Social and Individual Health Determinants

Why you need to cite your sources

Why you need to cite your sources

[3:00 min.]

This tutorial explains the reasons why you need to acknowledge the work of others in your writing.

[Tutorial created by the Cooperative Library Instruction Project]

Journal Article Citation: What Info Do I Need?

The basic format for a journal article citation in APA style is as follows (pay attention to capitalization in the article and journal titles and to where italics appear).

In-text Citation:

(AuthorLastName, Year)


Reference List:

basic journal article citation format in apa style



In-text Citation (3-5 authors)

(Bull, Levine, Black, Schmiege, & Santelli, 2012)


Reference List

example journal article citation in apa style


So where do you find this information on the article?  See the image below for one example.

article citation information

APA Website Citation: What Info Do I Need?

The basic format for a website citation in APA style is as follows (please follow the guidance from the APA Style Blog entry about when to use Format Description).

In-text citation:

(Author, Year)


Reference List:

Author, A. (Year, Month Day). Title of document [Format description]. Retrieved from http://URL

Example Citation

In-text Citation:

     (Mayo Clinic, 2014)


Reference List:

example of website citation in apa format








Database Citation Tools

Many databases and search tools will help you create formatted citations for the sources you have chosen to save or email. Here are a few examples:

1Search: Under the Actions menu, look for the Citation option when using any of the main tabs like Item Details

image of citaton option in 1Search


Medline (an EBSCOHost database): Open the full record for the reference, look for the Cite option

image of citaton option in Medline









Google Scholar: Look for the Cite option below each source (click the More option if you don't see Cite):

image of citaton option in Google Scholar