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Travel and Tourism in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center

This guide is intended to highlight collections in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center that deal with travel and or tourism in the Northwest.

Recreational Travel and Tourism

Margaret Alden Biddle Scrapbook, 1910-1917
The Margaret Alden Biddle Scrapbook is comprised of materials assembled by Margaret Biddle during her teenage years in Portland, Oregon between 1910 and 1917, and includes programs, playbills, and newspaper clippings documenting music, dance and theater performances, film showings, and lectures in Portland; souvenirs from a 1910 cruise to Holland and Norway, the 1914 Pendleton Round-Up, and the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco; and several drawings and photographs. This scrapbook has been digitized and is available upon patron request.

Black and white image of the Andrea Doria, sinking after its collision with the liner Stockholm off the cost of MassachusettsViola Gentle Papers, 1954-1959
The Viola Gentle Papers are comprised of materials relating to Gentle's experience as a survivor of the collision off the coast of Nantucket between the S.S. Andrea Doria and the M.S. Stockholm on July 25th, 1956.  Included in the collection is her correspondence with the captain of the Andrea Doria and fellow survivors, travel documentation, and newspaper clippings detailing the rescue efforts led by the S.S. Ile de France.

Vane G. Gibson Collection, 1908-1961
The Vane G. Gibson Collection consists of two photograph albums, a clippings scrapbook, and related materials documenting the student years of Gibson and his wife, Fern Loughridge Gibson, at Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) and their activities during the 1920s and 1930s. One of the photograph albums includes photographs of the OAC campus and OAC students, including a 1911 excursion to Newport on the Oregon coast; most of the images in the second album are of student outings, picnics, and trips to Newport. The second album also includes images of Loughridge's travels to Seattle and Canada (Canadian Rockies) (Box 01).

Barney Keep Papers, 1918-2000
The Barney Keep Papers document the life, career and celebrity of Barney Keep, a popular Portland radio broadcaster and Oregon State alum. The Keep Papers include scrapbooks, various audio formats and other materials that reflect Keep's broadcasting style, rise to fame and success over thirty-five years on the air at KEX-FM. Two of the scrapbooks in the collection document Barney and Eleanor Keep's travels in Hawaii, western Europe, the Balkan Peninsula and elsewhere (Box-item 5.1 and 4.4) .

Lucy Lewis Scrapbook, 1914-1915
The Lucy Lewis Scrapbook documents a twelve-day hiking excursion taken by Lewis and six companions in 1915 to Mount Jefferson, a peak in Oregon's Cascade Range. The scrapbook contains an extensive narrative, a list of previous climbers successful in summiting Mount Jefferson, a full accounting of provisions, a Santiam National Forest brochure, a small ink and watercolor painting, and more than 100 photographs. In 1911 Lucy Lewis began her career at Oregon Agricultural College as an assistant librarian and, in 1920, was appointed College Librarian. She retired in 1944.

W.F. McCulloch Collection, 1926-1968
The W.F. McCulloch Collection consists of materials assembled and written by McCulloch pertaining to forestry education and forest management in Oregon. McCulloch was a faculty member in the Oregon State University School of Forestry from 1937 to 1969, and served as Dean from 1955 to 1966. An addition to the McCulloch Collection (Accession 2013:069) is comprised of a travel log written by McCulloch documenting a week-long camping expedition at Murtle Lake in British Columbia with S. S. Harrison. With day by day accounts of the journey starting from the Blue River and proceeding southwest toward Birch Island, the log also contains photographs of the trip and a hand drawn map tracing the route hiked. In addition to views of Murtle Lake, the photographs also depict the campsites, Dawson Falls, Helmcken Falls, and their log raft "Jimmy Biscuits." McCulloch attributes the photography to Harrison.

Beth Russell Papers, 1941-2005*
The Beth Russell Papers consist of memorabilia collected by Russell, reflecting her undergraduate experience at Oregon Black and white photo of buildings and waterline in Metlakatla, AlaskaState College and a trip to Alaska taken in 1941 (Acc. 2005:078, Box 03). Russell's trip to Alaska in 1941 is documented through articles and clippings, and most of the photographic images (129 slides, 10 prints) in the collection depict the Alaska trip.

Helen E. Plinkiewisch Papers, 1888-1995
The Helen E. Plinkiewisch papers are organized into six series, most of which document her education and career as a music educator. Included in the collection is an assortment of personal materials such as diaries and journals, family records, musical performance and student event announcements, diplomas and awards, and a sketchbook created by her mother. The collections also includes photographs that cover the topics represented in the textual materials, with highlights being pictures of a trip to Europe (Box 02), student productions, and professional performances.

Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers, 1910-1994
Linus Pauling (1901-1994), a 1922 OSU graduate and the only recipient of two unshared Nobel Prizes, (Chemistry, 1954; Peace, 1962) undertook a wide range of studies during his seventy-year career as a scientist, humanitarian and peace activist. Not only does the Pauling archive reflect Linus Pauling's long and varied scientific career, the presence of Ava Helen Pauling's (1903-1981) papers also indicates their mutual devotion to world peace and to each other.  Series 14 documents time the Paulings spent traveling around the world to participate in conferences, give speeches and attend meetings (LP Travel Boxes 1.001 - 1.009). Over the course of their fifty-eight year marriage, the Paulings visited every continent, save Antarctica, and enjoyed lengthy residential stays in Europe, trips to the Soviet Union and communist China, and extended tours of Australia and New Zealand. This section documents the incredible breadth of Linus and Ava Helen's travel through its collection of itineraries, transit and hotel receipts, maps, and assorted background materials. A complete finding aid, featuring folder and item-level description of the Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers, is available online.

Alice L. Edwards Papers, 1895-1962
The materials in this collection were generated and/or collected by Alice L. Edwards, a 1906 graduate of Oregon Agricultural College. They document her career as a home economist and include materials related to her personal life. The collection contains correspondence, clippings and publications, photographs and artwork, certificates and awards, ephemera, coursework and teaching materials, and two diaries kept by Edwards on a trip to Europe in 1925 (Box 01).

David Robert Marr Photo album, 1918-1922
The David Robert Marr Photograph Album consists of photographic prints collected and assembled by David R. Marr, documenting campus buildings and grounds, and student activities during
Marr's years at Oregon Agricultural College (1918-1922). The collection includes several formal, hand-colored campus photos taken by Ball Studio and Howell's Studio of Corvallis; snapshots of the R.O.T.C. Cadet band during their travels in Oregon; views of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity; and Junior Weekend Canoe Fete festivities. Also included are photographs of Mt. Hood and waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge taken by Cross and Dimmitt, and two postcard photos of the Canadian Rockies.

Black and white photo of Ralph Gifford and family in Oldsmobile, "Old Scout," with Mt. Hood in the backgroundBanes-Howland Crater Lake Auto Trip Photograph Album, 1916
The Banes-Howland Crater Lake Auto Trip Photograph Album documents a 17-day automobile journey from Portland, Oregon to Crater Lake, Oregon and back in July and August 1916. The album is comprised of 59 photographs and an extensive newspaper article detailing the trip from Portland to Crater Lake via Central Oregon and the return trip through the Willamette Valley. The journey was undertaken by the Banes and Howland families in an Oakland 6 touring car and marks one of the first visits to the rim of Crater Lake via automobile.

Mount Hood Area Excursion Photograph Album, circa 1910
This photograph album is comprised of 111 gelatin silver prints illustrating a multi-day excursion through what appears to be the Mount Hood National Forest (then the Oregon National Forest). The photos, taken circa 1910, depict preparation, travel, and wilderness living. The bulk of the album is comprised of photographs of two men engaged in wilderness activities including wood gathering, campsite setup, outdoor cooking, hiking, fishing, and horseback riding. The album also includes extensive landscape photography, much of it featuring mountainous forest terrain after a recent forest fire.

Effie L. Wagner Scrapbook of the Women's Debate Tour, 1928
The Effie L. Wagner Scrapbook documents the 1928 Women's Debate Tour by three members of the Oregon Agricultural College varsity women's debate squad. The team visited Whitman College; the Universities of Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming; and the University of California in Los Angeles to uphold the negative side on the question of mass education. The three-week tour in February and March was the longest ever taken by the women's squad at that time. The scrapbook consists of a narrative journal of the trip, photographs, newspaper clippings, and
ephemera. The narrative describes various aspects of the tour including the train ride, interaction with students at the host colleges, impressions of the campuses they visited, sightseeing in California, and a send-off reception in Corvallis at the beginning of the tour. The photographs depict Wagner and her teammates Dorothy E. Williams and Helen B. Woodward on the train, visiting the college campuses, and touring in California.

Arthur G.B. Bouquet Collection, circa 1880-1993
The Arthur G.B. Bouquet Collection consists of materials documenting the life of Bouquet and the family of his wife, Mary Grace Wilson Bouquet. Bouquet graduated from Oregon Agricultural College in 1906, and was a faculty member in the Oregon State College Horticulture Department from 1909 until his retirement in 1950. Color slides in the collection were made in the early 1960s by Bouquet to document urban gardens and flora in Europe (Salzburg, Geneva, Denmark), and during trips to the Snake River and Wallowa Mountains in eastern Oregon. An addition to the Bouquet Collection (Accession 2010:035) consists of a scrapbook assembled by Bouquet that reflects his travels in England in 1951. Made up of postcards, newspaper clippings, and photographs, the scrapbook also contains notations by Bouquet describing the significance of some of the locales he visited to his childhood growing up in Britain, places where he stayed/drank tea on his trip, and the impact of bombing during World War II upon the landscape.

Black and white photo of Steamer Czarina in the breakers at the mouth of Coos Bay, Oregon, while five men watch in the foregroundJames G. Arbuthnot Photograph Collection, 1909-1915
The James G. Arbuthnot Photograph Collection contains images that document two main subjects: Arbuthnot's personal activities and athletics at Oregon Agricultural College. The majority of the images appear to have been produced around 1910, during Arbuthnot's time as the Athletic Director of the College. These photographs depict Arbuthnot and other individuals hiking and exploring, diving into and swimming in the Marys River, taking canoeing and boating trips on the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, visiting the Marys River Dam, setting off on hunting trips, posing with fish and game (living and dead), discovering ship wreckage on the coast, and climbing on "Jump Off Joe" near Yaquina Bay. The entirety of this collection has been digitized and is available online.

A. Isabella Downs Scrapbook, 1910-1916
The A. Isabella Downs Scrapbook was assembled by Downs to document her student years at Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) from 1913 to 1916. It includes clippings, dance cards, programs, ticket stubs, notes, various ephemera, and numerous photographs. The materials document student activities and the campus environment during the mid-1910s as well as other pharmacy students and the Class of 1916. The scrapbook includes many images of women students; student outings to the Oregon coast, including Seaside; picnics,
camping trips, and an automobile driving through a dry landscape (perhaps Eastern Oregon?); and several images of women in the woods with a rifle are of special note.

Ruby Stafrin Irwin Scrapbook, 1923-1927
The Ruby Stafrin Irwin Scrapbook was assembled by alumna Ruby Stafrin and contains materials related to her and her sister Mildred's experiences as students at Oregon Agricultural College. Ruby was a student in pharmacy from 1923 to 1926. In addition to documenting Ruby, Mildred, and fiance Andrew Irwin as students, the images depict campus buildings and grounds, particularly Snell Hall and Our Lady of the Fountain.  Several hiking and driving excursions are depicted, notably to the Willamette and Marys Rivers and the Oregon Coast.

Evelyn M. Raymond Photograph Album, circa 1920-1930
The Evelyn M. Raymond Photograph Album consists of 167 photographs assembled by Raymond as an adolescent while living in rural Douglas County in Oregon. The majority of images include captions identifying family members and friends. Several images depict recreational activities including swimming, bicycle riding and road trips to local destinations. Excursion locations include Crater Lake National Park, Mill Creek Falls, Gold Hill Dam, the Rogue River, Camas Valley, Canyonville, and Cow Creek.

A black and white photo of three men and James Arbuthnot's dog, ready for a hunting tripHelen H. Marburger Photograph Album, 1920-1926
The Helen H. Marburger Photograph Album is comprised of approximately 450 photographic prints, negatives, and items of ephemera generated between 1920 and 1926. The album contains 385 mounted photographic prints.The majority of the album documents recreational activities such as camping and hunting trips, horseback riding, picnicking, and swimming. Regional landmarks appear throughout the album and include Mt. Rainier; Tule Lake; the Central Oregon lava fields; the Oregon coast; and Crater Lake National Park. The album also includes photographs from Thanksgiving (1924), a Labor Day trip to Garibaldi, Oregon (1925), and an Independence Day celebration (1925). While the majority of the album’s photos appear to have been taken in Oregon, the album does contain photos from outside the state, including images of the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago.

Gerald W. Williams Family Vacation Slides, 1973-1991
The Gerald W. Williams Family Vacation Slides consist of images taken by Williams that document family trips and activities in Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. The slides depict visits by Williams' wife, children, and friends to parks, festivals, historical sites, a museum, and engaged in river rafting. Locations and events featured in these images include: Yellowstone National Park, Heceta Head State Park, the Oregon Country Fair, Rogue River, the National Bison Range, McKenzie River, and Mt. Thielsen.

State of Oregon Maps Collection, 1866-2000
The State of Oregon Maps Collection includes a diverse selection of maps of the full state of Oregon as well as counties, cities, and regions. Topics of the maps include geology, soils, agriculture, recreation, traffic flow, dams and reservoirs, land use, and physiography. Series IV consists of maps of recreational facilities and opportunities throughout Oregon; these maps include information on roads and their conditions, trails, landmarks, historical sites, and park ranger lookouts (Folder 13 and Box-folder 20.1).

Oregon State Highway Maps, 1918-1991
The Oregon State Highway Maps consist primarily of the official highway map produced annually by the Oregon State Highway Department from the late 1910s through early 1990s. The collection also includes road and recreation maps produced by the U.S. Forest Service in the 1920s-1930s and several commercial highway maps. In addition to showing federal and state highways in Oregon, the maps depict National Parks, State Parks, and wildlife refuge locations, and include tourist information for travelers. Series 1 is comprised of road and recreation maps from 1920 to 1930 (Folder 1). Official highway maps published by the State Highway Department are available online in the Oregon Maps digital collection.

English Language Institute Records, 1965-2009
The English Language Institute (ELI) Records document the Institute's outreach and promotion to potential students, including participation in American education fairs overseas, and reflect ELI's interaction with prospective students, recruitment agents, and the U.S. Agency for International Development. The records include agreements, correspondence, newspaper clippings, notes, proposals, reports, and videotapes. An addition to the collection, accession 2009:106, consists of materials generated by the English Language Institute (ELI) that document English instruction programs for international students, and includes photographs and photograph albums documenting field trips taken by international students throughout Oregon (Boxes 03, 04, 05).

Douglas and Mabel McKay Papers, 1901-2014
The Douglas and Mabel McKay Papers document Douglas McKay's student years at Oregon Agricultural College (OAC), his military service during World Wars I and II, and his political career. Douglas McKay graduated from OAC in 1917 with a BS in Farm Crops and married Mabel Christine Hill that same year. McKay was a successful businessman and politician, serving as an Oregon State Senator, Oregon Governor, and Secretary of the Interior in the Cabinet of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Photographs in the collection document domestic (Alaska and Hawaii) and international (Europe) trips made by the McKays (Boxes 05 and 03, respectively). The collection also includes photographs taken or collected by Douglas McKay during his tour of duty in Europe during World War I (Box 04).

Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slides, circa 1900-1940
The Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slides consist of slide sets assembled and loaned by the Oregon State System of Higher Education General Extension Division. The slides depict a variety of topics including many related to Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. While the primary purpose of these lantern slides was for public presentation and education, there is an element of “vicarious” travel as well, as evidenced in sets 23 (Shasta and Sunset routes), 25 (Trip to Mount Hood), 29 (New York City), 32 (Germany-Bavaria), 39 (Scenic Australia), 50 (Ireland - The Emerald Isle), 60 (Japan), and 43 (Crater Lake). Images from this collection have been digitized and are available in Oregon Digital.

Professional Travel and Tourism

African American Railroad Porters Oral History Collection, 1983-1992*
This collection is made up of twenty-nine reel-to-reel sound recordings containing interviews between film maker Michael Grice and African-American railroad porters employed in the Portland area. These recordings form much of the background research used for Grice's 1985 film, "Black Families and the Railroad in Oregon and the Northwest." The subjects featured in these interviews are: Otto Rutherford, Woodrow E. Wilson, Lonnie Wilson, Jimmy Sullivan, Cleophas Smith, Vernon Gaskin, Willie Rice, James Brooks, Congressman Augustus Hawkins, E. Shelton Hill, Si Greene, Daniel Allen, Eddie Butler, Hazel Murray, Lawrence Alberti, Cliff Jackson, Walter Reynolds, George Canada, and Alfred Richardson. The collection's website includes digital versions of the interviews along with interview transcriptions.

Ava Milam Clark Papers, 1856-1972
The Ava Milam Clark Papers are comprised of materials representing the professional and personal life of home economist Ava Black and white photo of women sitting around table in Food lab in the Home Management House in Yenching, ChinaMilam Clark. The collection includes correspondence, historical documents related to the administration of home economics programs at Oregon Agricultural College and Oregon State College, materials related to her work overseas, sources used in the preparation of her autobiography, and personal materials. Of special note are materials documenting Clark's research-related travels to China, Japan, Korea, the Phillipines, and the Middle East in Series 3 (Boxes 06 - 09).

Edna P. Amidon Papers, 1924-1979
The Edna P. Amidon Papers are comprised of materials relating to Amidon's efforts as an international leader in home economics. Included are materials documenting her work as Regional Agent (1929-1938) and Chief (1938-1964) of the Home Economics Education Service, particularly during the Great Depression and World War II; drafts of speeches and publications given in support of home economics; records of professional activities in Germany (1947), Sweden (1947), and France (1954) (Boxes 03 - 06); professional literature; and biographical materials.

Helen Cowgill Papers, 1914-1956
Helen Cowgill came to Oregon in 1890 and graduated in 1913 from Oregon Agricultural College with a BS degree in Domestic Science and Art. After teaching Domestic Science and Art at Harney County High School in Burns, Oregon for one year, she began her career at OAC in 1914 as Assistant State 4-H Club Leader with the Extension Service.  In charge of girls' 4-H work, Cowgill wrote many of the 4-H Circulars used by girls in their 4-H Projects. Cowgill traveled extensively throughout Oregon as a part of her work; Series 3 is comprised of a diary that documents these travels (Box 01).

Elvin A. Duerst Papers, 1929-1999
The Elvin A. Duerst Papers are comprised of materials relating to his education and career as an international agricultural economist. Series 3-16 (Boxes 09-28, and Boxes 45-49) are comprised of materials documenting Duerst's career as an agricultural economist for the United Nations, various U.S. government aid agencies, the Stanford Research Institute, and other private organizations, and related international travel (e.g. to China, Paraguay, Brazil, Peru, and Turkey). Duerst specialized in agricultural and transportation infrastructure projects, economic development planning, and foreign aid coordination. Materials include correspondence, memoranda, studies, reports, project files, subject files, and publications. Photograph albums, photographs, and maps documenting Duerst's work for the U.N., and subsequent domestic and international travel, can be found in Series 19 and 20 (Boxes 44, and 53-54).

Fred Eckhardt Papers, 1879-2013
The Fred Eckhardt Papers cover a broad range of topics related to craft beer brewing, as well as sake and wine making. Included are materials documenting historical and contemporary brewing practices; research files and personal notes about northwest, regional, national, and international breweries; and photographs of brewing operations, brewers, national and international travels, and industry events. Photographs in the collection document Eckhardt's travel to various brewing conferences and breweries, both domestic and international (Boxes 29-30).

Black and white of an early Forest Service pickup on Cascade headHelen M. Gilkey Papers, 1910-1974
The Helen M. Gilkey Papers are comprised of materials generated and assembled by Helen Gilkey, an American mycologist, alumnus and professor of the Oregon State College Botany Department, and curator of the OSC Herbarium (1918-1951). The materials include personal and professional correspondence; notes, research materials, and drafts of publications authored by Gilkey; specimen photographs; and scientific illustrations created by Gilkey. Of particular note is a field notebook documenting Gilkey's travels through central and northern Oregon during the summer of 1924. The notebook details Gilkey's travel, social and professional interactions, presence of various weeds and other vegetation, agricultural activities in the area, character of the landscape, and observations of Native Americans from the Wapinitia area near The Dalles, Oregon (Box 04).

Wilson H. Foote Photographs, 1948-1955
The Wilson H. Foote Photographs consist of color slides taken by Foote during his early years at Oregon State College, and as a faculty member in farm crops and administrator in the Agricultural Experiment Station from 1948 until his retirement in 1984. The collection includes images of many Oregon landscapes and landmarks including the Oregon coast, Timberline Lodge, the Oregon capitol building, Native Americans fishing in the Columbia Basin, and the Albany Timber Carnival. Images of landscapes and landmarks in Utah, Montana, California, British Columbia, and Alberta are also part of the collection.

Godfrey R. Hoerner Papers, 1895-1959
Godfrey R. Hoerner earned his degree from Oregon Agricultural College in 1916 and was a faculty member at Oregon State College from 1931 to 1959. Reflecting his time in Thailand at Kasetsart University as a technical assistant in plant pathology for the agriculture education program, the materials in Series 3 document his work and other related travel documents from Asian countries such as Japan and the Philippines (Boxes 01-05). Included are loose photographs, a photo album, and 4 scrapbooks with event invitations, news clippings, maps, watercolors, memorabilia, and souvenirs.

College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences Records, 1943-2008
These records document the administration of the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences. Subgroup 2 documents the operations of the research vessels Yaquina and Cayuse. It includes deck log books and cruise reports from 1964-1979, and ship operations grant records from 1960-1967 (Boxes 02 - 07).

Tourism Industry

Black and white image of buildings and waterline in Yachats, OregonRalph I. Gifford Photographs, circa 1910s-1947*
The Ralph I. Gifford Photographs consist of images taken by Gifford throughout Oregon, primarily during the 1930s and 1940s. The photographs depict many Oregon landmarks and scenes, including the Oregon Coast, Crater Lake, Mount Hood, the Wallowa Mountains, and the Snake River Canyon. The collection includes numerous images of sport fishing as well as several photographs of Native Americans. Ralph Gifford was the son of Benjamin A. Gifford and took over his father's Portland photography business around 1920. In 1936, Ralph became the first photographer of the newly established Travel and Information Department of the Oregon State Highway Department, a position he held until his death in 1947
. Series V, Highway Commission Photographs, 1936-1946, can be found in Boxes 03 and 08. Images from this collection have been digitized and are available in Oregon Digital.

Ralph I. Gifford Motion Pictures, circa 1925-1940
The Ralph I. Gifford Motion Pictures consist of "The New Oregon Trail," a tourism film photographed by Ralph I. Gifford for the Oregon State Highway Department, and unedited motion film clips of a variety of subjects, including alpine search and rescue. Ralph I. Gifford became the first photographer of the Travel and Information Department of the Oregon State Highway Commission in 1936, a position he held until his death in 1947. Two of the films in the collection have been digitized and made available online.

Joanne Tynon Papers, 1999-2016
The Joanne Tynon Papers document Tynon’s research in the area of outdoor recreation and tourism and her career as a faculty member at Oregon State University.  Tynon joined the faculty of the College of Forestry in 1997 and retired in 2017. Series 1, Surveys, includes a report entitled An Analysis of the Motivations of Oregon's Ranchers to Diversify into Agritourism (Box 01.02); Series 2, Publications, is comprised of materials documenting Tynon's research on natural resource-based recreation and tourism issues (Boxes 01 and 02).

Royal G. Jackson Papers, circa 1905-1992
The Royal G. Jackson Papers consist of materials created or assembled by Jackson in the course of his research. The bulk of the materials pertain to the history of the Oregon State University College of Forestry, McDonald – Dunn Research forest, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp Arboretum, and nature-based tourism in central Oregon and Costa Rica. The papers include extensive oral history sound recordings and photographs, in addition to manuscripts, publications and reference materials. Jackson was a faculty member in the Oregon State University College of Forestry from 1970 until 2004. Oral histories documenting the environmental movement and ecotourism in Costa Rica can be found in Series 2, Sub-series 1 (Boxes 2.1 - 4.34). Images from this collection have been digitized and are available in Oregon Digital. The collection's audiocassettes have also been digitized and are available upon patron request. Color slide of Southern Alps in New Zealand

Frank Patterson Photographic Postcards, circa 1920s-1986
The Frank Patterson Photographic Postcards consist of images of natural features, tourist sites, and highways in Oregon and northern California. Of note are numerous images of the Oregon Caves, Crater Lake, the Oregon Coast, and the redwoods.  Frank Patterson was a prolific photographer who worked in studios in Medford, Oregon and Santa Rosa and San Francisco, California during the 1920s-1950s.

Roland G. Holmes Collection of Oregon and Washington Postcards, 1909-1945
The Roland G. Holmes Collection of Oregon and Washington Postcards consists of photographic and picture postcards as well as photographic prints of Oregon and Washington scenes. About a third of the images depict scenes of the Columbia River Gorge and Columbia River Highway, including waterfalls, Vista House, highway viewpoints, and Beacon Rock. Images of many other notable Oregon and Washington landmarks are part of the collection, including Mount Hood, Mount Rainier, and Three Sisters; Silver Creek Falls; Crater Lake; the Pacific Coast in Oregon and Washington; and the cities of Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington. An addition to the Roland G. Holmes Collection (Accession 2012:068) consists of 70 postcards collected by Holmes that depict a variety of natural landscapes and urban views throughout several states including California, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, and Kansas.

Gerald W. Williams Regional Albums, 1875-2000
The Gerald W. Williams Regional Albums consist of images and ephemera assembled by geographical regions. They were acquired and compiled Williams in the course of his work as a Forest Service sociologist and historian and due to his avocational interest in the history of forestry and the history of the United States, especially that of the Pacific Northwest region.  The albums document popular tourist destinations, national parks, the natural environment, prominent natural and architectural landmarks, forests and forest operations, mining, trains and railroads, early towns and cities, prominent citizens, and human activities, such as public events, hunting and fishing, and everyday life. More than 650 images from selected Oregon albums have been digitized as part of the Gerald W. Williams collection.  Gerald Williams worked for the U.S. Forest Service from 1979 to 2005 as a sociologist (1979-1998) and historian (1998-2005).