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*Marine Renewable Energy

Information resources addressing marine renewable energy


Tidal, current and wave sources have great potential for generating electrical energy. The wave and tidal climate of the west coast of North America presents one of the best prospects for development in the world. There are many unkowns and uncertainities that must be resolved before developing these potential energy sources. Research is needed in several areas:

  • environmental effects of the technology on the marine and estuarines environments
  • social and economic costs and benefits
  • technology development

Information is a shared need across the research areas. It ranges from oceanographic conditions to engineering studies to community surveys.  Ther are legal documents and regulations. This guide provides insight into locating and accessing information on reneable marine energy. It also provides tools to those actively working in the area.

Pacific Marine Energy Center (PMEC)

The Pacific Marine Energy Center (formerly known as NNMREC) is a consortium of universities focused on the responsible advancement of marine energy, including wave, tidal, riverine,and offshore wind resources. Researchers from the University of Washington, Oregon State University, and University of Alaska Fairbanks work closely with marine energy technology developers, academic and National Laboratory researchers, coastal community members, ocean users, federal and state regulators, and other government officials to address key challenges in the sector and accelerate its emergence.

Marine Energy and the Pacific Marine Energy Center at Oregon State University

Pacific Marine Energy Center at the University of Washington

Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) at University of Alaska-Fairbanks