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Botany, Gardening, and Horticulture in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center

Rare Books

The History of Science Rare Book Collection has many volumes related to plant classification, morphology, and anatomy. To find relevant items in the Rare Book Collections, search keywords such as classification, anatomy, morphology, structure, or physiology in combination with plant* or botany.

The following is a partial list of notable volumes related to plant classification and anatomy in the SCARC collections.

Porta, Giambattista Della, and Berthelin, Jean. Phytognomonica : Io. Baptistæ Neopolitani, Octo Libris Contenta in Quibus Nova, Facillimaque Affertur Methodus, qua Plantarum, Animalium, Metallorum, Rerum Denique Omnium Ex Prima Extimæ Faciei Inspectione Quiuis Abditas Vires Assequatur ... Rothomagi: Sumptibus Ioannis Berthelin, 1650. QK41 .P8

Grew, NehemiahThe Anatomy of Plants : With an Idea of a Philosophical History of Plants : And Several Other Lectures, Read before the Royal Society. London: Printed by W. Rawlins, for the Author, 1682. QK41 .G7

Linné, Carl VonSpecies Plantarum, Exhibentes Plantas Rite Cognitas Ad Genera Relatas, Cum Differentiis Specificis, Nominibus Trivialibus, Synonymis Selectis, Locis Natalibus, Secundum Systema Sexuale. Ed. 3. ed. Vindobonae: Typis Joannis Thomae De Trattner, 1764. QK91 .S6 1764

Raff, Georg Christian. Naturgeschichte Für Kinder. 6 Verb. Aufl. ed. Göttingen: Johann Christian Dieterich, 1788. QH45 .R34 1788

Burnett, Gilbert T.Outlines of Botany : Including a General History of the Vegetable Kingdom, in Which Plants Are Arranged According to the System of Natural Affinities. London.: John Churchill, Princes Street, Soho, 1835. QK45 .B8

Gray, Asa. The Botanical Text-book ... New York : Boston: Wiley & Putnam; Little and Brown, 1842. QK45 .G75 1842

Phelps, Lincoln Almira. Familiar Lectures on Botany : Explaining the Structure, Classification, and Uses of Plants, Illustrated upon the Linnaean and Natural Methods, with a Flora for Practical Botanists, for the Use of Colleges, Schools, and Private Students. New Ed., Rev. and Enl. ed. New York: F.J. Huntington, and Mason and Law, 1853. QK47 .P5 1853

Agassiz, Louis. An Essay on Classification. London: Longman, Brown, Green, Longmans, & Roberts, 1859. QL351 .A26

Archival and Manuscript Collections

Herbarium Records, 1891-1997
The Herbarium Records document the collecting of plant specimens by Oregon State University and include correspondence regarding specimens, exchange lists, gift records. The records also include correspondence of Helen Gilkey, Herbarium curator from 1918 to 1951.

Herbarium Photographs, 1904-1963
The Herbarium Photographs were made or assembled by curators of the Herbarium and students in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology. The images depict a variety of subjects including Pacific Northwest species of plants and trees, the Oregon Agricultural College greenhouses, botany research and teaching, and logging operations.

Botany and Plant Pathology Department Records, 1900-2005
The Botany and Plant Pathology Department Records document research, teaching, and outreach activities in botany and plant diseases at Oregon State University. The records include general and research correspondence, reports, teaching materials, research records, and publications. The records address the diseases of economically important crops and plants grown in Oregon. Botany courses have been taught at Oregon State since the 1870s and the first plant pathology course was taught in 1895; the department was formally established in 1888 as the Department of Botany and Horticulture.

Albert N. Steward Papers, 1940-1991
The Albert N. Steward Papers consist of correspondence, course materials, and related documents created and assembled by Steward, primarily during his years as Curator of the Oregon State College Herbarium in the 1950s. Steward earned a BS in Agriculture from Oregon Agricultural College in 1921.

William Evans Lawrence Papers, 1893-1945
The William Evans Lawrence Papers consist of materials generated by Lawrence, an OAC Botany professor, including research data, photographs and radio scripts related to Lawrence's work plant physiology, Oregon trees and other topics concerning the horticulture of, primarily, the Pacific Northwest.

Donald B. Zobel Papers, 1935-2008
The Donald B. Zobel Papers consist of materials reflecting Zobel's involvement with the Oregon Flora Project, specifically the Oregon Plant Atlas. Zobel was a faculty member in the Botany and Plant Pathology Department from 1968 until his retirement in 2003.

Warren C. Wilson Western Alpines Project Lantern Slides, 1936-1938
The Warren C. Wilson Western Alpines Project Lantern Slides consist of photographs made by Wilson during a 1936 alpine plant collecting trip in Colorado and Washington. Wilson graduated from Cornell University and was a plant propagator and nursery owner in Maplewood, Oregon, specializing in alpine flora.

Frank P. McWhorter Papers, 1942-1961
The Frank P. McWhorter Papers document McWhorter’s research on plant diseases as a plant pathologist for the Agricultural Experiment Station at Oregon State College.