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Landing page for the Reading Room Healing Book & Art Collection


The spring '22 Reading Room theme is Healing

In acknowledgement of the trying times we've endured and the strength we've shown, the Reading Room is opening this spring term with a collection of materials following the theme of Healing. 

Healing can refer to the physical process of repair, the emotional process of finding safety and comfort, or the personal journeys taken to find stability. More than these processes, though, healing can be defined by what it means to you. 


The Art Collection


Wrench 1 & Wrench 2 by Koa Tom
Photography on wood board

Abstruse Expedition by Michael Heath
Acrylic on canvas

Fifteen Minutes by Erin Webber
Watercolor on paper

Debugging by Lee Neimi
Watercolor on paper and photography

Diversity in Rainbows by Chandra Char
Watercolor on Paper

Disassociation by Erin Webber
Acrylic on canvas

How Are You Feeling? by Taylor Norbury
Ink and pencil on paper

Finding Her Beauty by Chandra Char
Watercolor on paper

Ex Nihilo 1 and 2 by Scott Moss
Acrylic on canvas

The Healing Art Collection features art by local artists; some art has been submitted by OSU students, the parents of students, alumni, and community members unaffiliated with the university. Keeping this collection easy to submit to and community sourced are incredibly important.

The Healing Collection Books

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Healing Collection Books

There are many more books IN the collection, stop by the Reading Room on the 2nd floor of the library!