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Reading Room: Metamorphosis: Call for Art

Call for Art

Fall 2021 Metamophosis Call for Art

Winter Term, 2022 Call for Art

  • Work submitted will be on display in the Valley Library Reading Room. The Reading Room is centrally located on the 2nd floor, in the heart of the library. This space serves as an accessible way for the OSU community to engage with library materials and activities following a theme. 

  • The theme for Winter Term 2022 is Metamorphosis. To match the books and library resources following the theme of Metamorphosis, this call for art is requesting work that follows the same theme.

  • This call for art is open to all community members inside and outside of Oregon State University. 

Theme Statement

  • Metamorphosis: to transition forms due to internal or external circumstances. 

In a mixed celebration of the potential of the future and in memorial of the altered past, the Reading Room is reopening to the public under the theme Metamorphosis. Oftentimes this term conjures images of caterpillars emerging from their cocoons with ornate wings as butterflies, and such transition is acknowledged as an inevitably positive and beautiful occurrence, but metamorphosis is not limited to this definition. 


When something changes from one state to another, there is an amount of uncertainty, also, as we have to stop and wonder if the caterpillar is entirely sure of what will occur once they indulge in their evolutionary imperative. 

Winter Term 2022 Call for Art

Work Requirements

  • Unframed works on paper (2D)

    • must be under 18” x 18”, weigh less than 15 pounds

    • Must be matted

  • Framed work, work on canvas

    • must be under 18” x 18”, weigh less than 15 pounds

    • Have a hanging mechanism ready for installation (backstrap or wire)

  • 3D work, sculpture:

    • Not accepted at this time




Art Submission/Drop-off

  • Location: 1st floor of Valley Library, beside Java II
  • Time: (Week 4) January 28th, 9AM - 12PM & 5PM -7PM



  • The show will be on display from February 3rd - March 5th



  • Location: 1st floor of Valley Library, beside Java II
  • Time: (Week 10) March 11th, 9AM - 12PM & 5PM - 7PM


  • Robin Weis, Student Outreach Coordinator:
  • Kelly McElroy, Outreach Librarian: