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Guin's Library of Things

Tech, Equipment, Games, Puzzles, a Telescope, & More!

Welcome to Guin's Library of Things!

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Guin's Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00 pm

Location: OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center 2030 SE Marine Science Dr. Newport, OR 97365

Guin Party Packs








Guin Party Packs

Do you have an event coming up and need tableware? Go green and checkout a Guin Party Pack (or two)! 

All Party Pack items are dishwasher safe and you may use Guin's dishwasher, if you wish.

Each Party Pack Contains:

  • 20 place settings: plates, bowls, cups, forks, spoons, knives
  • Serving Utensils: 1 ladle, 1 spoon, 1 slotted spoon, 1 spatula
  • 3 tongs
  • Cleanup: 1 dirty dishes tub & 1 detergent pod
  • Signage: 1 Party Pack sign with holder & 1 Party Pack directions sheet
  • 1 carry tote
Click here to request a Guin Party Pack
or contact us at: or 541 867 0249  


At the beginning of your event:

• Remind attendees that the Party Pack items are not disposable

• Put out the dirty dishes tub

Display the Party Pack sign near the Party Pack items

At the end of the event:

• Check the trash to make sure no items were thrown away

Clean up:

• You may use either the dishwasher in the Guin Library or the Staff Lounge, a detergent pod is included.

• Please do not stack items on the bottom rack; they may get pushed onto the heating coils and melt

• Once they are clean and dry, place them in the tote bag

• Please count all the items and alert Guin staff if something is missing or broken

Promote Party Pack to your colleagues and help save the planet!

Guin Party Pack Signage & Instructions.pdf

Technology: Computers, Hotspots & Accessories

Laptops and Computer Accessories

⇒ Important note about Laptops: You have to log in to laptops using your ONID account before leaving campus.
You can turn off the laptop and leave campus with it as long as you have first logged in while connected to the OSU Campus WiFi network. When you're off campus, you can connect to non-OSU WiFi networks.

Laptops (Short Term) 

Borrowing Laptops (Long Term)

Laptop Tech

Equipment: Miscellaneous

Equipment: Miscellaneous Rocketbooks/Rocket Beacons/Guin Lockers Equipment: Time to Relax!

Equipment: Adaptive Technology

Technology: Cables, Chargers, & Adapters

Power Cords/Chargers

Adapters HDMI Adapters Mac/iPhone/Apple Items 


All Guin's Games

Card Games

Outdoor Games

Astronomy Kit

Guin Astronomy Telescope Kit

Guin Astronomy Kit

Explore the universe with the Orion StarBlast telescope! ⭐

This portable, grab-and-go, tabletop telescope is perfect for all ages. 

Whether you’re a novice astronomer or an expert enthusiast, you will be impressed by its spectacular viewing capabilities and its user-friendly design.

Give yourself the universe--check it out today!

Click here to request Guin's Astronomy/Telescope Kit:
or contact us at: or 541 867 0249  


  • backpack
  • plastic box containing:
    • 1 Rite-in-the-Rain Notebook
    • 2 Rite-in-the-Rain pencils
    • 1 red, LED Astronomy Flashlight
    • EZ Finder II reflex sight
    • 17mm Explorer II eyepiece
    • 6mm Explorer II eyepiece
    • Orion 1.25" moon filter


  • National Geographic: Backyard Guide to the Night Sky, (2019)
  • The Backyard Astronomer’s Field Guide: How to Find the Best Objects the Night Sky has to Offer (2020)
  • Orion Star Target Planisphere (04110)
  • Orion MoonMap 260 (51919)


  • Oregon State Parks Guide (pgs. i-ii, 1-27)
  • Telescope Manual

OSU Astronomy Club LogoOSU's Astronomy Club

The Oregon State University Astronomy Club started in 2016.

Through our outreach work, we strive to fosters a passion of astronomy in OSU students and the Corvallis community.

We host open house events in order to burgeon interest in astronomy, as well as to spread awareness of scientific breakthroughs. For a list of all of our upcoming events, please check our calendar page!

Astronomy Club Contact Info

The Astronomy Club website:

To hear about events, sign up for our listserv at: 

logo Instagram
logo Facebook
logo Email

Marine Mammals, Tidepools, & Bird Watching Kit

Marine Mammal, Tidepool & Bird Watching Kits

Be a citizen scientist: get out and explore Oregon's amazing, coastal wildlife with our Outdoors Kit, which includes equipment and guides for observing birds, marine mammals, and tidepools


Binoculars, a magnifying glass, tide tables, a list of fun science apps for your phone, a guide and brochures on Oregon's Coastal State Parks and their attractions, and a Rite in the Rain notebook and pencils to show where you have been and what you have seen. Happy exploring!

Click here to request Guin's Marine Mammal/Tidepool/Bird Watching Kit
or contact us at: or 541 867 0249  

Art Kit

Art Kit

Create your own art with the Guin Art Kit, which includes a sketch pad, colored pencils, water-soluble pastels and graphite pencils.


1 backpack containing: 1 Caran d'ache 15-color water-soluble pastels, 1 Castle Arts 72-colored pencils set,1 Faber-Castell graphite sketch pencil set, 1 watercolor sketch pad, 1 manual pencil sharpener


Click here to request Guin's Art Kit
or contact us at: or 541 867 0249  

Craft Kit

Craft Kit

Get your craft on! Have a project that could use a little pizazz? Checkout our Craft Kit and make some magic!


1 backpack containing : 1 Crayola 40-color fine line markers set, 1 Soucolor 180-colored pencils set, 1 Sharpie color markers set, 3 color highlighters, 1 scissor, 1 manual pencil sharpener, 1 glue stick

Click here to request Guin's Craft Kit
or contact us at: or 541 867 0249  

Beach Clean Up Kit

Beach Clean Up Kit

Help keep our beaches clean with this handy kit!

We have two of these kits so you can bring along a friend. 

(Collected litter is to be disposed of with your regular trash collection).


Backpack,1 EZPick Grabber, 1 sand sifter, 1 pair latex-free/vinyl-free Tusko gloves, 1 pair latex/polyester gloves, handout.

Click here to request Guin's Beach Clean Up Kit
or contact us at: or 541 867 0249  


500 piece Winter stroll jigsaw puzzle
500 piece Flowers & fungi jigsaw puzzle
500 piece Potted jigsaw puzzle
500 piece Yoga for cats jigsaw puzzle
500 piece Wildlife wonders jigsaw puzzle
500 piece Macrocosm jigsaw puzzle
1000 piece Vintage Nancy Drew jigsaw puzzle
500 piece Haeckel: Sea Anemones jigsaw puzzle
500 piece Charley Harper: Secret Sanctuary jigsaw puzzle
1000 piece Ocean Life jigsaw puzzle
1000 Piece The Beachcomber's Companion jigsaw puzzle
1000 piece Alpine Northwest jigsaw puzzle
1000 piece Island time jigsaw puzzle
1000 piece Marine Color: Turtle Bay jigsaw puzzle
1000 piece Nanette's cottage jigsaw puzzle
1000 piece Oregon Coast Skate
1000 piece Ravensburger: Awesome
1000 piece River's crossing jigsaw puzzle
2000 Piece Balloons in Flight jigsaw puzzle
2000 Piece St. Basil's Cathedral jigsaw puzzle
1000 piece Mindbogglers: Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy jigsaw puzzle
1000 piece Grand Canyon Express jigsaw puzzle [game]
1000 piece Home Country: Lady Of The River jigsaw puzzle
1000 piece Bepuzzled Classic Mystery: Foul Play & Cabernet jigsaw puzzle
1000 piece Ravensburger an Evening in Paris jigsaw puzzle
1000 piece MasterPieces: Winter's Solitude jigsaw puzzle
500 piece Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden Double-Sided jigsaw puzzle
1000 piece Lake Como, Italy jigsaw puzzle

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