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*Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine*

Director, Guin Library

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Mary Markland
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Do you have questions about library sources, finding information, framing research questions, using citation managers? Send me an email and we'll find a time to meet via Zoom or other online tools.
Guin Library
Hatfield Marine Science Center
Newport, OR 97365

Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine

Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine (EBVM) combines clinical expertise, the most relevant and best available scientific evidence, patient circumstances and owners' values.

The resources in this guide discuss:

  • Asking a well-formed clinical question
    • Includes Patient; Population; Problem; Intervention; Comparison Intervention; Outcome; Question Type; Publication Type; plus species, breed, sex, etc.
    • This question format is called PICO or PICOTT+
  • Acquiring the best available scientific research
  • Appraising the sources' quality, validity, and applicability
  • Applying the answers to specific cases
  • Assessing if the evidence improved patient care



Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine Organizations