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BI 221/222/223: Principles of Biology

What is this page?

This page was created to support your work in Principles of Biology course track. It includes information on how to find articles within the library and guidance on evaluating and citing your sources.

Anatomy of a Scholarly Research Article

Reading scholarly articles can be challenging. These articles are written by experts for other experts. Scholarly articles (including scientific research articles) use language that can be hard to understand. But once you understand the parts of the article, reading it may be a bit easier. Scientific articles usually include the following parts:  introduction, literature review, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion. Take a look at this Anatomy of a Scholary Article (from NCSU) to learn more about each part of a scholarly article. Click on each section for an explanation of that section.

How to Read a Journal Article

The following websites give some tips on how to read scientific journal articles:

Reading a scientific article

How to Read a Journal Article 

My brief advice for reading journal articles is to keep a pen handy to write notes to yourself in the margins, and always write a summary of what you learned from the paper at the top of the paper or on a post-it note immediately after you finish reading the paper.

Recommended Databases

The databases listed below provide access to mostly scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. See the Information on the Evaluate tab on this guide for assistance on deciding how to evaluate the sources you condider using.

Get Started with 1Search!

Connect to 1Search  (also available from the library's homepage)

Link to the eJournals list (find specific journal titles)

1Search is a great way to get started on your research.  It lets you search most of our full-text online journal content plus the library's print collection and several online research databases...all in one search. 

Link to OSU Libraries collection (the library catalog)

Finding full text articles

From with most research databases, click "Find it @ OSU" to link to the full text of an article.  If not available through OSU Libraries' subscriptions, you can request the article through Interlibrary Loan.

Find it at OSU link button

Where can I get more help?

Contact the OSU Libraries Information Desk