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Open Educational Resources

Suggestions on how and where to find educational resources for students that are freely available

Where do I start?

Now that you know all about OER and what they can do, here are some ideas to help you get started.

  1. Start small. Not ready to replace your entire textbook? That's OK. What about trying a quiz, worksheet or interactive game? Test it out and see how it works!
  2. Adapt. One of the great things about OER is that in many cases they can be adapted to fit your needs. Try it and see what it's like to work with an OER.
  3. Use what's already out there. Check the library to see what resources we have purchased already. We have ebooks, streaming videos, and online journals. Can you replace some or all of your readings with things we already license?
  4. Explore. Transitioning to an all OER course may take some time. Explore some of the resources listed on this page to help get you inspired.


FInding and Selecting High Quality OERs

Kate Hess of Kirkwood College and Robin Donaldson, Director of the Open Access Textbook Project, define OER, provide tips for evaluating resources, describe the resources available at the Florida Distance Learning Consortium, and describe OpenStax College and its goals.