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BHS 323: Microbial Influences on Human Health

Guide to research and library resources for Oregon State University's BioHealth Sciences (BHS) 323: Microbial Influences on Human Health

What Citation Style to Use?

Use the ASM style described below for your assignments.

Using a consistent citation style helps other people find your references more easily and makes you look like a smart researcher.

ASM Citation Style Examples

Marshall KM, Nowaczyk L, Raphael BH, Skinner GE, Reddy NR. 2014. Identification and genetic characterization of Clostridium botulinum serotype A strains from commercially pasteurized carrot juice. Food Microbiol. 44:149–155.
Moreira GMSG, Cunha CEP, Salvarani FM, Goncalves LA, Pires PS, Conceicao FR, Lobato FCF. 2014. Production of recombinant botulism antigens: A review of expression systems. Anaerobe 28:130–136.
Mustafa GA, Abd-Elgawad A, Abdel-Haleem AM, Siam R. 2014. Egypt’s Red Sea coast: phylogenetic analysis of cultured microbial consortia in industrialized sites. Front. Microbiol. 5:363.
Raphael BH, Shirey TB, Luquez C, Maslanka SE. 2014. Distinguishing highly-related outbreak-associated Clostridium botulinum type A(B) strains. BMC Microbiol. 14:192.