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Data Management Plans

Data Management Plan Support at OSU

Research Data Services can help you develop your data management plan. We offer the following services:

  • Consultation.  Meet with us to ask questions about funder requirements or brainstorm about what to write in your data management plan. 
  • Review. We can read your DMP draft and give you suggestions to strengthen it. You can send us an e-mail with your draft, or chose the review option in DMPTool. We recommend to send a draft at least one week before your deadline, to ensure that we will have time to review it. 
  • Training. We are happy to come to talk to your research group, class, or group of researchers to talk about best practices regarding data management plans.
  • Resources. See below for a list of resources that can help you learn more about data management plan requirements and best practices.

 To contact us send an e-mail to or contact our Data Management Specialist directly (info at left).

Data Management Plan Resources

Many funding agencies now require a data management or sharing plan with proposal submissions. This page provides general guidelines for the development of a data management plan (DMP). These resources can also be of help:

  1. Check for more specific information from your funding agency directorate and in your grant's call for proposals. For a full list of agency requirements, please visit the this page
  2. Use the information and resources in this web site (see pages at left);
  3. DMPTool has templates for many funding agencies and specific content for OSU investigators (recommended)
  4. DMP Onlineby the UK's Digital Curation Centre, has templates for DMPs for many funding groups within the UK
  5. ICPSR web site on data management plans, for social sciences data management planning
  6. Use the rubric from the DART project to evaluate your data management plan (especially appropriate for NSF proposals).
  7. Fill out the data management plan questionnaire from Johns Hopkins University.

Data Management Plan Examples

Each data management plan should be tailored to the research data that will be generated in a project, but it can be useful to look at Data Management Plans that others have written. Here are a few resources where to find examples. Note that these are all real data management plans. Some of them may not follow best practices, or have plans compliant with outdated policies.


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