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Copyright and Fair Use

An overview of copyright, focusing on your rights as a copyright owner and use of other people's works in academic contexts

University Copyright and Fair Use Policy

University Policy: 01-010 Copyright Fair Use

The mission of Oregon State University (“university”) is best achieved through the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and creative expression. The university recognizes that its faculty and staff engage in this exchange as both creators and users of intellectual property and this university policy demonstrates the university’s commitment to the appropriate use of copyrighted materials. Where uses of copyrighted works would exceed those permitted by fair use and other statutory exceptions, permission to use the copyrighted works must be obtained from the copyright owner.

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Michael Boock
Contact me for help with questions pertaining to copyright, the OSU Faculty Open Access policy, open access publishing, digital collections of scholarship. I am the library liaison for the College of Forestry and the Honors College.