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*Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation Sciences

Find Books at OSU

Use 1Search from the library's home page to search for books in the Valley Library, OSU branch libraries, and Summit Libraries.

FisheriesBSA book from givewayboy & Wildlife books are found in several places - including online. In the Valley Library, they are on the first floor for the most part. The Guin Library at the Hatfield Marine Science Center has a more focused collection so is easier to browse.  Be ready to explore other areas as well.

The call numbers to look for include these:

  • QH541 - Ecology
  • WL360-599 - Invertebrates
  • QL614-639 - Fish
  • OL671-699 - Birds
  • QL700-739 - Mammals
  • SH - Fisheries
  • SK - Wildlife


OSU theses on Fisheries and Wildlife can be found online via ScholarsArchive.

To learn more about finding theses or dissertations, check out this dissertation guide.