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Academic Integrity for Students

Sources for students to help combat plagiarism

Academic Environment

How students function within the academic environment is influenced by a number of factors including stress, health and wellness, interest, motivation, time management, and social support.

OSU recommends utilizing campus resources to address the multitude of factors affecting one’s academic success.

Your Instructor and You

Your instructor is your best resource regarding gaining clarification on academic expectations. The best way to counteract possible confusion on assignments, tests, group work, and class expectations is to ask for clarification from your instructor as soon as possible.

Your syllabus is considered a contract between you and your instructor. Reading and understanding your syllabus is an effective strategy to avoid academic dishonesty.  Talk with your instructor if you ever have any questions regarding your syllabus.

OSU Campus Resources

OSU is invested in supporting all students in reaching their personal and academic goals. Here are some available campus resources that support your overall success:

  • Academic Success Center
    • The Academic Success Center provides tools and information about time management, academic coaching, test taking, and more
  • The Writing Center
    • The Writing Center is a resource for students who wish to have additional writing support (please note: The Writing Center does not provide assistance with citations).
  • Disability Access Services (DAS)
    • Disability Access Services can provide accommodations for individuals with a documented disability including note-takers, quiet spaces for test taking, e-texts of required reading, and more.
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
    • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is a resource for students looking for support in addressing mental wellbeing.
  • International Student Advising and Services (ISAS)
    • If you are an international student who would like additional support you can contact ISAS for information ranging from scholarships to academic eligibility.
  • Mathematics Learning Center (MLC)
    • For additional free math drop-in tutoring, the Math Learning Center is a resource available for students.