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NUTR 241: Applications in Human Nutrition

This page is to be used for doing research for NUTR 241, Applications in Human Nutrition, at Oregon State University.

Suggested Databases for NUTR 241

What is an original research article?

Original research articles (also sometimes called scholarly, peer-reviewed or refereed articles) are written to convey the results of original study, research or experimentation.  They are written by experts in a discipline for other experts in the discipline.  Research articles in the sciences, in particular, will usually have:

  • one or more authors identified (with their affiliation information on the first page)
  • an abstract (a brief summary of the article)
  • an introduction section (provides the context for why the research is necessary)
  • a methods section (describes how the research or study was conducted)
  • a results section (presents data gathered by the researchers and typically presented in tables, graphs and sometimes pictures)
  • a discussion section (provides an explanation or interpretation of the results
  • a reference section (lists other, previous research that informed or influenced the present research)


How to Read a Journal Article

Or watch the following video from the University of Minnesota on how to skim an article for the main points and take effective notes:


Get Articles Online (or Request an Article PDF)

Locating articles: In most of the library's databases, look for this button to access your article online.

 360 link to full text

IF you get a message that indicates "No full text" or "Request this item", click the Request from Interlibrary Loan link to ask the library to get the article PDF for you (see image below).

request from interlibrary loan

Four Steps to Set Up Your Google Scholar Preferences

Step 1:  To make Google Scholar talk to the OSU Libraries collection, go to the Settings link, located on the top left corner of the page:

Step 2:  Click the gear icon. Depending on your display, this icon may be on the upper right or on the bottom of the settings menu.


Step 3:  On the left-hand side of the Scholar Settings page, choose Library links.

Step 4:  Next either search for Oregon State University in the search box or simply use the checkbox next to Oregon State University. Make sure you click Save.

Google Scholar and Find it at OSU

Now, when you do a search, your results list will look like this.  Click on the Find it at OSU link to get to either the full-text of the article or an easy option for requesting the article through interlibrary loan.  Notice that if the article doesn't have a Find it at OSU link, you can click on the More symbol (two arrow-like symbols) to try and Find at OSU.

screenshot of how to locate the find at osu option on Google Scholar


Sometimes Google Scholar results do not have the Find it at OSU link. However, if there is a PDF item included in the search result, that will take you directly to a PDF- no OSU access needed.

screenshot of how to access pdfs  if there is no Find it at osu link