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H 250: Intro to Health Care Organization & Administration: Q&A

H 250 Questions & Answers

Q:  What is OSU Extension?

A:  OSU Extension Service is people, places, programs and services.  OSU maintains Extension offices around the state of Oregon. OSU Extension faculty and educators are engaged in the cycle of conducting research, translating that research into programs that help businesses, farmers, foresters, communities, youth, learning from and with Oregonions who take part in Extention programs and doing more research; the cycle continues. An OSU Extension program with you might be familiar is 4-H:

Q:  Can I find the same articles in a database as I can in the collection of OSU Extension (& Experiment Station) publications?

A:  It depends.  Some OSU Extention publications are written for the general public (they translate research findings into language that most people can read and understand) while others are pure research publications and may have been published in scholarly journals and thus findable in article databases. You can find all the OSU Extension publications (scholarly or not) in the online repository that OSU Libraries maintains, ScholarsArchive@OSU (see link above).

Q:  Where exactly can we get help with the editing of our research papers?

A:  The OSU Writing Center provides assistance for all stages of the writing process:  While it is not the job of Writing Center assistants to "proof-read" your papers (that is your job), they will look for errors that reoccur and try to identify examples in order to help you correct errors when you proof-read your work. Appointments are in-person but papers can also be submitted online (see link above).