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Open Access at OSU

OSU Open Access Policy & Faculty Research

In the print paradigm, it was common practice for faculty to sign their copyright over to publishers who then distributed the work.  As it becomes easier to distribute material online, this is changing.  In 2013, Oregon State University Faculty Senate unanimously passed an Open Access Policy.  One direct result of this policy is that OSU faculty retain copyright to articles published after the policy was passed. This means OSU faculty can distribute the accepted manuscript version (post peer review, pre publisher formatting) of their articles from their own web sites, deposit them in repositories (such as ScholarsArchive@OSU and PubMed Central), use them in their classes, and develop derivative works.

Versions of Scholarly Articles

The language surrounding the publication process can get confusing.  Below are the standard terms for different versions of an article throughout the publication process.  Thanks to the OSU Open Access Policy passed by the Faculty Senate in 2013, faculty at OSU may self-archive the Post-Print version of their articles immediately to ScholarsArchive@OSU

Pre-Print. The author's manuscript, which is initially submitted to a journal.

Post-Print. The manuscript after it has undergone peer-review but before it has undergone typesetting, copyediting, and publication.

Version of Record. The published article, typeset by the publisher.

Modifying Publisher Agreements

Selecting Open Access Journals ("Gold" Open Access)