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Managing publications for your dossier & Showcasing your work.

This page provides ideas for managing lists of publications in your dossier and ideas for tracking their impact after publication.

My Citations (Google Scholar)

It takes only a few minutes to set up a "My Citations" in Google Scholar .  Having done this, you can track citations to your publications found in Google Scholar.  You can also View publications by colleagues (as a current awareness service). You can add other citations to those found by Google and If you make your profile public, you will Appear in Google Scholar search results.  More on this is available at;

Web of Science Researcher ID

Web of Science (which includes both science and social science citations), will let you register as an author and track your publications as cited in that database.  To get started


You can also preview how you, as an author are tracked in Scopus (Elsevier) but using their preview author look-up feature at: for other services an institutional account is needed.  Currently OSU does not have an institutional subscription to Scopus.

ORCID - author names v. author identifiers

Your name links you to your research/scholarship.  But you may move from one institution to another, may be in the habit of using different versions of your name for different publications. and/or may share your name with several others.  For that reason, you may want to register for a more unique identifier.  ORCID will provide you with an persistent, digital idenifier (number)  free of charge.  Once registered, you will get out of it what you put in and will be useful to connect you to your work, onlly if you use it.     Several commercial publishers are support this effort but it could be equally useful for those who contribute information to digital repositories where name authority control can be tricky.   Web of Science, and Scopus will allow you to import information from their services to the ORCID system. 

To register go to:

Search ScholarsArchive

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