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An aid to finding law at OSU Libraries and online, this Guide covers both case law, and statutory and regulatory law


Law has been defined as "All the official rules and codes that govern citizens’ actions, including the Constitution, statutory laws enacted by the Legislature, case laws established by court decisions, and administrative law as set forth by executive branch agencies." (, 9/3/08)

This Guide covers all three types of law: Case law on its own tab, and Statutory and Administrative law on the Bills, Laws, Rules tab.

Major Legal Reference Works

Indexes & Finding Tools for Law

Law Libraries

OSU does not have a law library, and even though there are legal materials in the OSU Valley Library your research may require you to access more in-depth and specialized legal resources than we have here (including access to a law librarian). Here are some nearby options:

Public Library of Law. Developed by Fastcase Inc., this is the world's largest database of free law resources online. Covering both federal and state law, it contains Case Law, Statutes, Regulations, Court Rules, Constitutions, and legal forms.

PUBLIC Resources from the Oregon State Law Library

The State of Oregon Law Library ( provides FREE resources to all citizens of Oregon. Many are only available if you visit the library in person (1163 State Street, Salem, OR 97301; 503-986-5640 Reference, hours M-F 8-5) but there are two major resources available online.

Legal Aid Resources

While library staff are prohibited from giving legal advice, there are several services where people can go for help. Here are some of those services: