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NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy 2023

Resources to write Data Management and Sharing Plans

ScholarsArchive@OSU, compliant repository

The supplemental information to the NIH policy for data management and sharing offers guidance on choosing a data repository.

Some Institutes, Centers, Office policies and Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) identify repositories where data must be deposited. 

When specific repositories are not directed, NIH recommends using domain specific repositories if possible. See a list of NIH-supported domain-specific data repositories here.

When an appropriate domain specific repository does not exist, NIH accepts the use of domain agnostic data repositories and institutional repositories. Oregon State University has an institutional repository that accepts datasets, ScholarsArchive@OSU, which can be used to comply with NIH policy.

  • ScholarsArchive@OSU has been certified by the Core Trust Seal.
  • All data hosted in ScholarsArchive@OSU are assigned DOIs.
  • All data hosted in ScholarsArchive@OSU are made available on the open web.
  • Datasets submitted to ScholarsArchive@OSU go through a review process to ensure maximum adherence to data management best practices and the FAIR principles, including data documentation and metadata support, and support for sharing research data in formats that enhance reusability. 
  • ScholarsArchive@OSU is managed and supported by OSU Libraries & Press. 



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