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FW 340-400: Multicultural Perspectives in Natural Resources (Ecampus)

Ebook Central

Many of the OSU Libraries' ebooks are hosted by Ebook Central. These ebooks can be accessed through the Ebook Central website or through 1Search, where they are mixed with ebooks from our other collections.

Read an Ebook Central Book Online

Locate an ebook in the Ebook Central search or 1Search. 1Search include an "Online access" link. Click this link to switch to the Ebook Central interface. You may need to log in with your ONID information.

An ebook with an Online Access link

From the Ebook Central interface, you can read the book online or download a copy to your computer. Each book has different rights, which determine how many pages you're allowed to print or copy.

Ebook record. Includes buttons for "Read Online" and "Download Book".

Click "Read Online". Access the table of contents from the left navigation window. These ebooks are fully searchable by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the left navigation bar.

A magnifying glass icon next to a "search within book" box


Download Ebook Central Books

Follow these steps to download a book from Ebook Central:

  1. Click "Read Online" to preview the ebook.
  2. Click the download icon on the top navigation bar. It's the first one on the left with a downward-pointing arrow.

    A row of icons. The first one, a downward arrow, provides a full download.
  3. Answer the questions about your device.

  4. Some ebooks can only be read with the Adobe Digital Editions program. If necessary, Ebook Central will direct you to a free download. If the book is available as an EPUB, it can be read by any EPUB reader (e.g. Apple iBooks, Readium, Bibliovore).

    Adobe Digital Editions keeps track of any licensing issues the book's publisher may have included. For example, if the ebook has a checkout period it will automatically become inaccessible after that time.

ProQuest Ebook Central Accessibility Tips

ProQuest Ebook Central is designed for patrons with accessibility needs, after Text Only Mode is turned on. If you are using JAWS, you should automatically hear a prompt to turn Text Only Mode on. If you are not using JAWS, you can turn Text Only Mode on following these steps (How to turn Text Only Mode On/Off)

  • Click on Settings, then Profile
  • Scroll down to Accessibility Settings, then click the bubble next to Enable Text Only Mode
  • Check the box to accept ProQuest's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
  • Click Save Changes

Users of Ebook Central should be able to:

  • Navigate the website using just a keyboard or speech recognition software
  • Go directly to main content areas on the page using skip links
  • Listen to the website using a screen reader
  • Navigate page content using headings
  • Listen to an ebook using a screen reader (with Text Only Mode enabled)
  • Zoom in up to 200% using browser tools without text spilling off screen
  • You can also change the font to OpenDyslexic, an open-source typeface designed to combat symptoms of dyslexia., directly from the Profile page through Ebook Central.