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BRR 200: Science and Research

BRR 200 Zotero Assignment

Due – February 14 at 4:00 p.m. Your library assignment is worth 6 points and consists of the following deliverables, described in more detail below:

  • A screenshot of your Zotero library, which will include a collection (folder) with at least 6 sources, 2 tags, and 2 notes.
  • Word or Google document with 6 in-text citations and 6 references (hopefully relevant to a topic you’re researching) formatted in a specific journal citation style (you will choose and tell me what journal style you selected).

Zotero Library

1.  Create a Zotero collection on your topic. (See these Zotero instructions for more help.)

2.  Use search tools such as OSU library databases or Google Scholar (these search tools were covered in the Zotero/library session) to search for articles or other resources that are relevant to your topic. Add a total of at least 6 references from these search tools (feel free to add more if you find more articles/resources that are interesting or relevant to you) to your Zotero collection.

3. Add at least two tags to items in your Zotero library. These tags could be a prompt for you to do something (like read the article) or could be a label (like BRR200). Select two different colors for these tags. (See these Zotero instructions on tagging for more help.)

4. Add at least two notes to items in your Zotero library. These notes can be real notes to yourself based on what you read in your sources, but at a minimum should be proof to me that you can create and take notes. You can also create your notes based on annotating and highlighting in a PDF and then right-clicking to extract your annotations. (See these Zotero instructions on note taking for more help.)

5. Take a screenshot of your Zotero library, with the sources that have notes expanded, and paste it into a document. Depending on your computer or device you have different options for creating a screenshot:

  • To create a screenshot on a PC, use the snipping tool (find it under the Start menu). Next, in your document choose Paste from the Edit menu to paste the screenshot into your document.
  • One approach on a Mac is to hold the keys Command, Shift, and 4 at the same time to take a screenshot of the interlibrary loan part of your screen. Next, in your document choose Paste from the Edit menu to paste the screenshot into your document.
  • Or take a picture of your screen with your phone, then paste the picture into your document.

Citing in Word/Google Docs

1.  Create a paragraph of text in a document. This text can be from a real draft you are working on related to your topic, or it can be imaginary text. The main point of this exercise is to learn how to use Zotero’s in-text citation and bibliography creating options. For your reference, see our guide to writing and citing using Zotero

2. Use Zotero’s in-text citation features to add at least 6 in-text citations to your paragraph. (See instructions 1-7 on the writing & citing page for more help.)

3. Use Zotero’s add bibliography feature to create a bibliography using those 6 in-text citations. (See instruction 8 on the writing & citing page for more help.)

4. Use a specific journal citation style to format the references. (See these directions for how to add a new citation style to the basic list of styles). At the top of your document, note the journal citation style you used. For example, “I used the Emerging Infectious Diseases journal citation style to format my bibliography.”

5. Double check your bibliography. Make sure the information in your citations is complete and correct.

Submit Your Work

Upload your document (if using Google Docs, download as a PDF or Word doc), with both a screenshot and the in-text citations and bibliography in Canvas.