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FW 510: Graduate Professional Internship

Resources, tools and tips for OSU Fisheries and Wildlife students working on their professional internship requirements

Professional Internship Requirements

An essential component of Professional Science Master’s is an internship or cooperative educational experience with a natural resource agency, business, non-governmental organization, or research institute that is directly related to your area of study. In order to complete this requirement, you will write a 10-15 page project plan, keep a project journal, and write a project paper (literature review, white paper, or similar), an outreach product, and a final internship evaluation before your final defense. This guide provides resources for the writing portions of this internship requirement that will challenge you to read appropriate peer-reviewed articles and other literature, synthesize and apply what you learn to the internship project you have chosen, and properly present and cite scientific evidence. 

Review the full internship requirements here:

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