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1Search (library search system)

Why do I need to sign in?

After you enter a search in 1Search on the OSU Libraries' home page, you will be asked to sign in.

We are encouraging you to sign in before you see your search results so you can get the full benefit of the new 1Search.

  1. You can save searches and items to your e-shelf. They'll still be there when you sign in the next time. If you go in as Guest, you can put things on your e-shelf but only temporarily. Once you exit 1Search, they will be gone.

  2. There is some content from online journals and ebooks that will not display unless you are signed in. The publishers/vendors make this requirement. If you want to search the breadth of our online content, you will want to sign in.

You can always log in later in the top right corner of the screen but you'll want to rerun your search to get the maximum benefit.

What am I searching when I use the articles scope?

When you choose the Articles scope, you are searching across many but not all of our online databases.

Articles scope

The default is to retrieve those journal articles that are available full text. You can expand your search by checking the "Include resources that require additional delivery time." This will include citation to articles to which we do not have full text online access but we can get for you from another library via Interlibrary Loan.

Do I still have access to {insert favorite database here}?

Yes, the databases are all still there for you to search. The new 1Search is one part of a complete search.

1Search does not include all the content from specialized databases to which OSU subscribes. For discipline-specific searching, use the OSU Libraries' Research Databases, also linked from the Library Homepage under Find it, or check the Research Guides.

What does View all Versions mean?

The article content for 1Search comes from a variety of sources such as publishers or databases. Sometimes the same article will be listed in multiple sources and you will see duplicate records in 1Search. These may be listed individual or grouped under the View all Versions tab. There is no difference in the version other than the original source (publisher or database).

What databases are included in 1Search?

This is the list of databases that have been activated in 1Search as of October 2014.  Please note that this list is subject to change.