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Library Research & Learning Department

Research & Learning Department Librarians

  College & Liaison Areas In addition, contact me about:
borlandl's picture

L. Borland
Data Management Support Coordinator


image of Laurie Bridges

Laurie Bridges
School of Writing, Literature, and Film
School of Communication
School of Visual, Performing, and Design Arts

  • Wikipedia in the classroom
  • Generative AI (Large Language Models)
image of Diana Castillo Diana Castillo
Assistant Professor
College of Business
Social Sciences Data Librarian
  • Census
  • US government data, including census data
hussongu's picture Uta Hussong-Christian
Associate Professor
College of Health
Health Sciences Librarian

Adam Lindsley

Assistant Professor
College of Engineering
Engineering Librarian

  • GIS
  • Machine learning
  • Photogrammetry
  • R
  • Scientific illustration

image of Clara Llebot Lorente

Clara Llebot Lorente
Associate Professor - Currently on sabbatical
College of Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Sciences
Data Management Specialist

image of Kelly McElroy Kelly McElroy
Associate Professor 
College of Liberal Arts: School of Writing, Literature & Film
Student Engagement & Community
image of Diana Park Diana Park
Assistant Professor
College of Science
Science Librarian
  • Zotero
  • Teaching with Wikipedia
  • Information and social justice
image of Hannah Gascho Rempel

Hannah Gascho Rempel
College of Agricultural Sciences
Research & Learning Department Head

image of Zach Welhouse Zach Welhouse
Assistant Professor
Ecampus and College of Education
Online Learning Librarian

Working with Instructors

We can come to your class or your class can come visit us in the library. We can help students who are new to academic libraries navigate the resources and services we offer and guide them through the search process. Please contact your college librarian to make arrangements and plan your library session. (1 week notice preferred)
For more advanced classes, we can tailor our sessions to your students’ specific research needs. Please contact your college librarian to make arrangements and plan your library session. (1 week notice preferred)
If you need something more specialized, small group workshops on demand are also an option. We teach how to research the literature review, Zotero, QGIS, Intro to Git, and Qualtrics among other topics. Please see the workshops on demand list for details and contact information. (1 week notice preferred)
We can help you create a web-based guide or tutorial for your class. Students find these guides helpful when selecting the appropriate research tools and the guides are very customizable. Please contact your college librarian to discuss your needs. (2 weeks notice preferred)
You or your students can set up a one-on-one appointment with the librarian for your college. To make an appointment, contact your college librarian.
When you are preparing for your classes, consider meeting with your college librarian to see how to best integrate library resources and research skills into your course. For example, did you know you can pull Library Research Guides directly into your Canvas site or that you can link to Ebooks and online journal articles? Please contact your college librarian to find out more.
We can meet one-on-one with you to help with any challenges you experience when managing research data. This includes guidance to write data management plans for grant proposals; review of data management plan drafts; help identifying repositories where to preserve and make publicly available your datasets; help preparing your datasets for deposit in ScholarsArchive@OSU or other repositories; talk about best practices to organize, backup or control versions of your data. Visit the Research Data Services website to find out more.

OSU's Research & Learning Department

  • inspires enthusiasm for information, learning, and research; 
  • advocates for and with our users for accessible information;
  • connects our community members with information, resources, and relationships in the library and beyond.

To cultivate an inclusive and equitable community of learners who are enthusiastic and curious to explore information and create knowledge.