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Multiracial Identity Resources

Multiracial Aikido

If you'd like more information about the Multiracial Aikido program at Oregon State University, please check the website for Diversity and Cultural Engagement's Social Justice Retreats.

6 Things Not To Say To a Mixed Person

TEDx: The Future of Multiracial Identity

Sylvia Targ (Palo Alto High School '16) discusses biracial identity and revolutionary ideas regarding how we view ourselves and others. Sylvia is an avid intern at Stanford Behavioral Sciences & Psychology.

Source: The future of multiracial identity: Sylvia Targ at TEDxPaloAltoHighSchool. (2014). Retrieved December 07, 2016, from 


Subject Guide

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The resources on this guide were collected by Tara DeMaderios, and the LibGuide was compiled by Menchie Aplaca Armillo.