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ENG 200: Reference Sources

Reference Sources

To include a reference work in your final annotated project for extra credit you have two options:

  1. You can recommend an entire reference work that you think would be useful for students studying your text/theme. If you choose this option:
    • Make sure you have a specific reason why the work is relevant to your project.  For example, you would not recommend the OED simply because it is generally useful in literary studies. If your theme focused on how language changes over time, however, you could reasonably recommend the OED as a resource.
  2. You can recommend a specific article or entry from a reference work.  
    • Make sure you choose an entry that is relevant to your specific text and theme.  For example, if you were examining The House of the Spirits and your theme was magical realism, you could include the entry on magical realism from an encyclopedia of literary theory.

Use 1Search to find an online encyclopdia or dictionary

You can find excellent online encyclopedias & dictionaries to illuminate literary and film studies concepts, theories, interpretations, and more. Try these example searches

  • dictionary literary
  • encyclopedia literary
  • literary terms

Filter by eBooks and Full Text Online as in this screenshot: