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WR 411/511: The Teaching of Writing

Scholarly Journals in Rhetoric and Writing

Across the Disciplines Online from 2004

College Composition and Communication - Online from 2/1/1990-present; Print,  v.22 (1971-present) PE1001.C6

College English - Online from V.1 (1939)-present

Composition Studies - Online from 3/1/2004-present; Print, v. 34 (20060-v 37 (2009), PE1404 .C6256 & online

Computers and Composition -  Online from 1/1/1995-present; Print, v. 16 (1999) - v. 22 (2005) LB1576.7 .C61

English Journal - Online from 1/1/1986-present; Print, v.31 (1942-present), PE1.E581

JAC: A Journal of Composition Theory - Some issues  available online; Print v.15 (1995- 2008), PE1001 .J681

Journal of Basic Writing - Online from 2004; Print from  v. 9 (1990-2009), PE1404.J68

Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology & Pedagogy - Online from 1996 Volume 1

Language Arts - Online from 1997; Print, v.52 (1975-present), L11.E5

Oregon English Journal - Print, v. 13 (1991-present), LB1576 .O755

Research in the Teaching of English - Online from v.1 (1967-present)

Rhetorica -Online from 1983 volume: 1 issue: 1 - present

Rhetoric Review - Online from 1982 volume: 1 issue: 1; - present 

RSQ Rhetoric Society Quarterly - Online from 1976 Volume 6 - present

Teaching English in the Two-Year College - Online from 2/1/1996-present; Print, v.29 (2001-present),  PE1065.T4

TESOL Quarterly - Online from 1/1/1996-present; Print. v.1 (1967-present), PE1001.T3

Voices from the Middle - Online from 2/1/1995-present; Print, v.31 (2006-present), LB1631 .V65

The WAC Journal - Online from Volume 1

Written Communication - Online from 1999-present; Print, v. 8 (1991-present), P211.W737   

Keeping Up and Managing Your Research

Learn how to keep up with new information on your topic by:

  • setting up research alerts (journal table of contents and/or database search alerts)
  • setting up RSS feeds and feedreaders
  • reading or writing blogs

The Keeping Current with Research guide has more information.