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FE 499: Biomass Characterization, Harvesting and Transportation: Getting Started

Guide to assist students in FE499/FE640 do library research related to a biomass harvesting and transportation system

Course Purpose and Learning Objectives

After completing the course, students will have the background and tools to:

  1. Complete the assessment of the availability of biomass, including forest, and agricultural residues.
  2. Analyze and develop strategies to promote efficient harvesting and transport of biomass material.
  3. Do a road and landing assessment for biomass operations.
  4. Apply appropriate decision support systems to efficiently manage collection and transportation of biomass.  

Harvesting Operations Assignment

Prepare a report of approximately 10 pages that incorporates the following content and demonstrates your understanding of the learning objectives for this course.

  1. Select and describe a complete biomass harvesting and transportation system from the feedstock (e.g. forest) to the biomass production facility for one silvicultural system. Include equipment specifications.
  2. Determine the cost per ton (BDT or GT) for the complete biomass harvesting and transportation system that you described in #1 above.
  3. State your cost analysis assumptions and show your calculations for arriving at the cost per ton.
  4. Reference your sources of information for the productivity and costs calculations.

in addition, for FE 640: Do a productivity and cost comparison of alternative stump to truck methods for harvesting biomass for several silvicultural prescriptions (at least one additional prescription over the FE 499 requirement). 

Citing sources in your bibliography

When you use information from any source, be sure to cite it using the appropriate format by consulting the Council of Science Editors Style Guide:  here are two helpful online version of that guide:

Course Instructor

John Sessions

223 Peavy


Lorn Kellogg

Peavy 261

OSU Libraries on the Web

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