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WR 323: Writing with Style

Media Project

The Media Project asks you to plunge deeply into one of these intellectual magazines:

Atlantic Monthly

  • AP2.A7 (Print 1857-present), Floor 6
  • Online 1857-1901)
  • Online (1993-present)


  • AP2.H2 (Print 1850-present), Floor 6
  • Online (1992-present)

Mother Jones

  • AP2.M79193 (Print 1984-present), Floor 6
  • Online (1990-present)

The Nation

  • AP2.N2  (Print 1865-present), Floor 6
  • Online (1975-present)

The National Review

  • AP2.N27 (Print 1960-present)
  • Online (1975-present)

The New Republic

  • AP2.N4 (Print 1914-present)
  • Online (1990-present)

New Yorker Online only

See Harvard College Library's  "Popular Magazines and Scholarly Journals " for a list of public intellectual magazines.

Searching Magazine Contents

There are a couple of ways to get at the content of a magazine:

  • Search all issues by topic
  • Browse the contents of a single issue.

Library workshop materials, 1/2010

Your instructor recommends

Textbook: Donald Bartholomae, Ways of Reading.  7th edition.

Jeffrey Goldberg, "Unforgiven,"  Atlantic Monthly. May 2008.

Nicholas Carr,"  Is Google Making Us Stoopid"? Atlantic Monthly.  July/August 2008

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