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SED Mathematics/Science Education Guide to Library Support Services

Supports the SED curriculum

Electronic Journals

E-journals are another good research tool. if you are looking for articles on a topic, you will want to use the databases (see the Finding articles tab). It's more efficient than browsing through journals. If you want to see what is being published in your discipline or what the current hot topics are, then browsing through a journal can be very helpful. With e-journals, you can browse the table of content of a journal without coming to the library.

OSU Libraries subscribes to over 80,000 electronic journals (e-journals). It's easiest to search the e-journals if you have a specific journal or citation to locate.  Always note the date range available for each journal subscription.

Remember that if we don't have a journal online, we can still get a copy of an article for you via Interlibrary Loan.