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PSY 301: Research Methods in Psychology

Library sources for PSY 301.

Finding a Specific Article

If you have an article citation and want to find that specific article, you can find it in several ways:

  • 1Search
    • Search for the article title.  It is often useful to put quotes around the article title to find the exact title you want.
      • Example:  "Feasibility of a Home-Delivered Internet Obesity Prevention Program for Fourth-Grade Students" 
    • Alternatively, click on the Journal Search link and search for the journal title, then navigate to the article using the date, volume, issue, and page number information.
  • Google Scholar
    •  Use the article title.  Again, it is often useful to put quotes around the article title to find the exact title you want.  If you find articles that are not freely available, be sure to set up your Google Scholar preferences to talk to the OSU Libraries, or search the e-journals or catalog to see if we have the article.

Example citation

If you have a specific journal article you want to find:

Agarwal, P. K., Karpicke, J. D., Kang, S. H. K., Roediger, H. L., & McDermott, K. B. (2008). Examining the testing effect with open- and closed-book tests. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 22, 861-876.

  1. Go to the Library Catalog
  2. Click the Journal/Magazine/Newspaper Title radio button
  3. Enter the name of the JOURNAL (not the article title) and click on search.
  4. If we have the journal, you will see the record for it in the catalog. If there are multiple record, click on the one for your journal.
  5. If it is online, you will see the link to the online version. Check the dates to make sure we have the year you need
  6. Click on the link to the online version
  7. Browse to the year, volume, and issue you need.
  8. You may need to scroll through the list of article ton find the one you want.

These are the general steps. If you are having trouble finding the article, please contact the information desk for help or call me.