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PHAR 729: Information Science

This page provides information related to course assignments for PHAR 729.


This page provides guidance for

  • differentiating MEDLINE from PubMed
  • formulating a PICO strategy
  • searching MEDLINE (Ovid)
  • saving search/article information
  • accessing full text via OHSU
  • requesting articles via OSU


MEDLINE is the primary component of PubMed. While MEDLINE is available as a subscription database (e.g. MEDLINE Ovid), PubMed provides free access to MEDLINE.

PICO Tutorial

PICO Searches

Searching MEDLINE (Ovid)

OSU PHAR students access MEDLINE (Ovid) via the OHSU Library website. Students must have an OHSU Library barcode to access MEDLINE (Ovid).


  • Begin searching by selecting how you want to search for content. MEDLINE offers searching by Keyword, Author, Article Title, or Journal Name.


  • Select terms from PICO framework and begin to construct your search.


  • Look for a matching Subject Heading (or search as Keyword if one is not found). The Explode option searches for all narrower terms in the Subject Heading tree. Scope notes define how the term is used in MEDLINE.


  • MEDLINE tracks each search run and offers the option of combining searches. Setting up a free Personal Account to save search history for long-term access.

  • Scroll down the page to view the search results. Select one or more articles to print or email or export. View the articles online using the Full Text link.








Request Articles via OSU

When using the button below, you should be able to get to full-text if OHSU has it. 

If, however, no full-text is available via OHSU, PLEASE request a copy of the needed article using OSU's Interlibrary Loan service: (may take up to 2 business days). The image below shows the path from the library homepage.