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Information resources for ornithological studies

Ornithology website

Obviously, there is a flock of web resources on birds. Here are a few of interest:

Audubon Society of Corvallis and Yaquina Birders
Local bird groups.
A service of the Ornithological Council with links to the major socieites and discussions of topics of concern.
Hosts recordings of bird sounds from 602 species
Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Birds of the World
Comprehensive life histories for all bird species and families
Electronic Resources on Ornithology
An impressive list of links to resources throughout the world. Compiled by Canadian enthusiasts.
The Feather Atlas - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
An image database dedicated to the identification and study of the flight feathers of North American birds.
Managing Bird Populations in the Pacific NW
Tools to provide a landscape-level approach to managing bird populations in Pacific NW forests. Compiled by the Institute for Bird Populations.
Useful data, species profiles and maps buried in this site maintained by this non-profit conservation group.
Oregon Field Ornithologists
Of local interest with links to records, publications and general references.
Ornithological Societies of North America
Links to the major societies and online newsletter lists jobs and educational opportunities.
SORA (Searchable Ornithological Research Archives)
An open access archives to some of the most used journals.
USGS Bird Banding Laboratory
A program co-sponsored by the Canadian Wildlife Service and the US Department of the Interior