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Guide to the OSU Libraries map and aerial photography collection.

What's in the Maps collection?

The 3rd floor Maps area is where the general circulating maps are located. Most cases are unlocked, and you can look for the maps you need yourself. Some of the maps in this area are in the online catalog, but others are only listed in the physical card catalog, so you may need to look for call numbers in both places. Assistance with these can be obtained from the Information Desk on the main floor.

Collections in Maps area, 3rd floor

Location: 3rd Floor Maps

Topographic Maps

  • U.S. Geological Survey 7.5' topographic maps ('topos') are arranged alphabetically by the name of the sheet within the appropriate state. To find the name of the sheet, you must use the topo map indexes for the state (on Reference table near the collection). Folders are indexed on the cards inside the lid of each case.
  • Special editions of national park topos are arranged by call numbers. To find the call numbers, look up the park by name in online catalog.
  • Be aware that these maps are a legacy collection; except in special cases paper maps are no longer updated. The official US Topo Quadrangle maps are now online, and are updated every 3 years. The previous online (legacy) quads are then moved into the USGS Historical Topographic Map Collection.
  • USGS New FactSheet on USTopo online map collection:

AMS Series: Army Map Service Topographic Map Series / U.S. Army Map Service Historic collection

  • The Army Map Service of the US Army Corps of Engineers, was the premier map making agency of the US Department of Defense from 1941-1968. The major task of the Army Map Service (AMS) was the compilation, publication and distribution of military topographic maps and related products required by the Armed Forces of the United States.
  • Maps are of historical significance: dating primarily from the 1940s and 1950s, they provide excellent detail of areas of military concern. Excellent for locating tiny villages, finding islands which are not named or visible in other sources, and rich in topographic detail.
  • Kept in locked cases on the south wall; index maps in atlas case against nautical charts (west side). Cases can only be accessed by request through SCARC,    (541) 737-2075; Normal Operating Hours: 8:30-5:00, Mon-Fri.
  • Online versions: Perry-Casteneda Library at the University of Texas has digitized these maps and placed them online at  Project described in the FDLP's Digitization Projects Registry,

USGS Geological Maps Series

   Location: Planfiles (vertical storage) cases 3-12; arranged by series number within the call number range.All should have a record in the physical and/or the online catalogs.

  • Geologic Quadrangle Maps    G3701.C5 svar U51 GQ-
  • Hydrologic Investigations Atlas  (HA)   G3701.C3 svar U5 HA-
  • Miscellaneous Geologic Investigations  (I)     G3701.C5 svar U52 I-
  • Miscellaneous Field Studies  (MF)   G3701.C5 svar U5 MF-
  • Land Management Maps (BLM)--Surface Management Maps; Surface and Mineral Management Maps   G3701.G45 s100 U5L3 [name]
  • Coal Investigations (C)   G3701 H9 svar U5 C-

Map Media Collections, 5th floor

Location: 5th Floor, Valley Media

Oregon Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles

  • Digital orthophoto quads (DOQs) are available for all of Oregon. The CD-ROMs in this 526 CD set are available on the 5th floor in Valley Media, call number G4291 .A4 s24 .O72. To determine which CD(s) to check out for a particular area, use the online index. The index is searchable by place name or longitude/latitude coordinates.

USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED)

  • The USGS Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data files that make up the National Elevation dataset are available for all of the conterminous United States, Alaska and Hawaii. The CD-ROMs in this 73 CD set are located on the 5th floor in the Valley Media section, call number G3701.C2 N38 2002. To determine which CD(s) to check out for a particular area, use the online index map. Click on the area needed to get the call number for the CD containing the data.