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This is a general research guide for the undergraduate and graduate courses in OSU's Engineering programs. You'll find suggestions for locating books, articles, topical overviews, research tools, and factual information.

Search Proceedings in OSU Libraries

Because of title variations, it can be difficult to search titles of proceedings. 

Information that helps in searching for proceedings: name (and abbreviation) of sponsoring organization; name of conference series; title of conference in a particular year; location and date of conference. Keep in mind that proceedings are often published in the years following the conference, so publication year may not match the date of the conference.

Enter some of the more important words in the conference title, the organization, or title of the conference in 1Search  

  • Example: "proceedings" AND [keyword] AND [keyword]. . ."
  • The search "proceedings AND robotics and IEEE"  Proceedings / IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation.