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General research guide for undergraduate and graduate courses in OSU's Anthropology program.

Online Resources

A lot of information on various aspects of Anthropology can be found on the Internet. Here are some reliable sites with useful and interesting content.


Physical Anthropology:

Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology

  • American Folklife Center - Primary source material from the Library of Congress
  • The Voice of the Shuttle - Humanities research
  • Archaeology Data Service - Part of the Arts and Humanities Data Service residing at the University of York (UK). The Archaeology Data Service collects, describes, catalogues, preserves, and provides user support for digital resources that are created as a product of archaeological research.
  • Bureau of American Ethnology Annual Reports - the complete set of BAE Annual Reports (1879-1931) digitized by the National Library of France (so expect the navigation instruction in French).

Linguistics and Folklore

  • Ethnologue - An excellent resource for researching world languages. Includes lists of living and dead languages for most nations, information on populations of language speakers, language maps, and bibliographies on specific languages and nations.
  • The Linguist List