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Nuclear History in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center

Historical primary sources on nuclear history and atomic energy

How OSU Grew Nuclear Science Oral History Collection, 2009-2010

The How OSU Grew Nuclear Science Oral History Collection, 2009-2010 consists of interviews of Oregon State University faculty and alumni in the Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics Department that were conducted as part of the 50th anniversary of the graduate program in 2009.

Victor A. Madsen Papers, 1964-1998

Victor A. Madsen joined the Physics Department at Oregon State University (OSU) in 1963. As a theoretician in nuclear physics, he collaborated with a group of experimental nuclear physicists working on the OSU cyclotron. His most noteworthy research involved analysis of inelastic scattering and charge-exchange reactions. He frequently collaborated with scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and at the Kernforschungsanlage in Julich, Germany. In recognition of his research, Madsen was elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Nuclear Science at Oregon State University


Oregon State University was among the first in the nation to offer a bachelor's degree in nuclear engineering, awarding our first degree in 1968. Today we remain in the top nuclear engineering schools in the country offering degrees at the bachelor's, master's and doctorate level in nuclear engineering, and radiation health physics.

Radiation Center Records, 1969-2000

The Radiation Center Records consist of annual reports for the Radiation Center and TRIGA Reactor at Oregon State University. Nuclear research and education began at OSU soon after World War II and a nuclear reactor was constructed on the Corvallis campus in the mid-1960s. A 2013 new accession to this collection is forthcoming.

Radiation Center Photographs, 1959-1965

The Radiation Center Photographs, 1959-1965 document the Radiation Center facility at Oregon State University, faculty associated with the Center, and nuclear physics equipment in use at Oregon State College prior to establishment of the Radiation Center. The Radiation Center was established in the early 1960s as a research laboratory for nuclear and radiation research at Oregon State University.

E. Dale Trout Papers, 1939-1983:

The E. Dale Trout Papers consist of materials created and assembled by Trout and his colleague, John P. Kelley, regarding research on X-ray equipment, diagnostic radiology, and the administration of the X-Ray Science and Engineering Laboratory at Oregon State University. Trout and Kelley were faculty in the OSU Department of General Science beginning in the 1960s.