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3D printing

A guide about where to find 3D printers and training at OSU.


3D Printing launched at the Valley Library on 3/31/2014.   No tuition money was used to purchase the printers. 

A request form is open for submissions.   OSU students, staff and faculty are welcome to submit files.  We will charge your ONID account for printing.  


3D printed objects



Margaret Mellinger
Office Hours: Call or email for appointment

Office Location: The Valley Library, 4th Floor


3D Printer Webcam

What is 3D printing?

3D printers use digital models to fabricate three-dimensional objects, a layer at a time.  The process of 3D printing - called additive manufacturing or rapid prototyping in engineering and commercial settings - has been around for almost 30 years.  Low cost 3D printers, do-it-yourself kits and open source software are bringing the technology into broader use.  

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