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Switch from Zotero for Firefox to Zotero 5

If you previously used the Zotero for Firefox extension, you will now need to update to Zotero 5. Here are some of the steps you may encounter as you download Zotero 5.

1. When you open Zotero for Firefox and sync your library, you may see a message letting you know your version of Zotero is out of date. Click okay - don't worry - your data will be fine.

2. Use the download directions to download the new version of Zotero. It is possible you will need to go through the Set Up Wizard twice to successful activate your new version of Zotero.

3. When your new Zotero 5 library opens, you will be prompted to sync your library. Use the sync icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Zotero library.

4. Enter your Zotero username and password in the sync dialog box then click okay (on Macs, just close the dialog box).

5. After entering your username and password, click the sync arrow again to sync your account.

6. You may be prompted to resolve conflicts between items from your old and new library. Choose the item that has the best data. Often the items are identical.

7. After setting up your Zotero library, try adding a new source to your Zotero library using the new Zotero 5 browser extension. If you previously used Zotero for Firefox, you will see a Z in the upper right-hand corner of your browser rather than a folder icon. Click the Z.

8. The Z will switch to a folder icon, and you can now continue adding sources to your Zotero library just like you did with the previous version of Zotero.

9. Problems with any of these steps? Check the Zotero Forums to see if others share your questions, or if you are at Oregon State University, feel free to ask me at