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*Electrical Engineering

This is a general research guide for the undergraduate and graduate courses in OSU's Electrical Engineering programs. You'll find suggestions for locating books, articles, topical overviews, research tools, and factual information.


OSU Libraries subscribes to over 69,000 electronic journals (e-journals). It's easiest to search the e-journals if you have a specific journal or citation to locate.  Always note the date range available for each journal subscription.

Recommended Databases for Electrical Engineering

To identify articles on electrical engineering topics, start with one of these three databases.

Other Databases

  • ACM Digital Library citations and full text from ACM journals, conference proceedings and newsletters. 
  • arXiv  arXiv is an e-print service including the fields of physics, mathematics, non-linear science, computer science.  
  • Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science 
    • Must login with ONID to access 
    • Full text access available 
    2005 - present
    Access includes Synthesis collections 1-4. This includes 100 titles in Collection 1 and 125 Titles in Collection 2 Collections 3 and 4 are still growing. This subscription is shared between OSU and U of O. The Synthesis Collections are comprised of short, authoritative electronic books (50-70 pages) that provide a grounding in a particular topic area. They are ideal as supplementary material for courses, or for researchers delving into new areas.