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*Defense Education

Guide to library research in the field of defense education with a selection of resources available to Valley Library users.

Recommended Databases

About Articles and Reports

Professional journals are an important component of the literature of military and defense science and history. Usually, these periodicals contain articles that present detailed accounts of original research, supported with logical analysis and thorough documentation (charts, graphs, footnotes, bibliographies, etc.). They are essential secondary sources for in-depth research on a particular topic.You can find these in databases, just like research in other disciplines.

Another important resource are technical reports from a variety of government, military, and science agencies.These are (for the most part) primary sources. There are three major ways these are distributed:

  • as part of the FDLP, the Federal Depository Library Program (OSU is a long-time member of this program) so these reports can often be found in the library catalog
  • for sale by NTIS, the National Technical Information Service (an index can be found on the libraries' databases list, with many online, plus we have a large collection of NTIS microfiche on the 3rd floor)
  • distributed on the internet and on individual agency websites

Some considerable confusion on where and how to find reports exists due to multiple avenues of distribution. Please ask for assistance from the Information Desks if you are having problems tracking down a technical report.

Internet Resources

Following is a very brief example of some of the online resources available:

  • US Army War College at Carlisle Barracks: 
  • Oregon Military Department's Public Affairs Office The Public Affairs Office is responsible for providing information to the public concerning activities of the Oregon National Guard, responding to requests for information from the public and private sector, and providing information to active and retired members of the Oregon National Guard.This page includes a link to the newsletter Oregon Sentinal


Other Databases to Try

In addition to databases specifically covering military and defense science, you may also find important articles in the following databases.