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Seafood Technology Resources: Home

This research guide provides resources related to seafood technology and access to the Seafood Technology Bibliography as created by the Seafood Technology Project.


Seafood Technology Bibliography

A bibliography of published and unpublished information--last updated in 2003. 

Books at OSU

About the Seafood Technology Project

The West Coast of the U.S. seafood processing industry faces daily challenges. Evolving international markets, continuing demands for quality, diminishing volumes of traditional species, and new products from previously underutilized species offer opportunities. At the same time, the industry is being hit by more regulations, declining water supplies, and costlier wastewater treatment and disposal prices.

All decisions that involve a change in seafood processes, products, technologies, machines and regulations require information. Some of this information must be created through new research; but much has been generated over the years by an active network of government, university and industry centers. It includes articles published in the journals that libraries collect and many in the field read. The information also includes the "gray" literature, those papers and reports that are not published in available journals, may or may not be available on the Web, and may only reside in a colleague's file cabinet.


OSU Publications


  • Shen, X., Su, Y., Liu, C., Oscar, T., DePaola, A. "Efficacy of Vibrio parahaemolyticus depuration in oysters (Crassostrea gigas)". Food Microbiology. 2019. v. 79: 35-40.


  • Supawong, S., Park, J.W., Thawornchinsombut, S. "Fat blocking roles of fish proteins in fried fish cake". LWT- Food Science and Technology. 2018. v. 97: 462-468.