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Deposit Your Poster/Presentation

Undergraduate Poster/Presentation Submission Instructions

NOTE: These instructions are for posters and presentations only. To submit theses or research papers use the instructions found in
"Deposit Your Thesis/Research Paper"

Prepare Your Poster/Presentation for Submission

All poster/presentation submissions must be in PDF format.
Adobe Acrobat Pro is the preferred software for making PDF documents. The software is available in Milne Computing Center.

1. Name your PDF file using this format:
LastnameFirstnameMiddleinitialGraduationyear.pdf (e.g., SmithEmilyA2009.pdf)

2. Consider the accessibility of your document. Take a look at our guidelines for accessibility and consider whether your document is accessible. While making accessibility changes is not required, it is considered best practice to avoid common accessibility mistakes. Our guidelines are located here: ScholarsArchive@OSU Accessibility Submission Guide.

Start Your Submission

1. Go to

2. Click Login and enter your ONID name (e.g., smithem) and password.

3. Click Submissions and Tasks on the right side of the page

4. Click Start a New Submission.

5. Choose collection:


Complete the Online Form

Initial Questions

1. Multiple titles: Does your thesis have multiple titles? This rarely happens. Leave the box unchecked.

2. Published: Check this box even though your poster/presentation hasn’t been officially published. Checking the box will allow you to add a date to your poster/presentation later in the submission process. Click Next.

Describe Item (page one)

3. Student: Enter your last name in the first box (e.g., Smith). Enter your first name and middle initial (with a period) in the second box (e.g., Emily A.)

4. Title: Enter the title of your poster/presentation.

5. Advisor: Enter your advisor’s last name, first name and middle initial.

6. Project or Paper Date: Enter the year, month and day listed on your thesis. This is usually the date .

7. Abstract (Optional): If you have one, copy and paste the abstract from your PDF file. Don’t worry about proper formatting for diacritics, mathematics symbols, etc. Library staff will format these before uploading your poster/presentation.

8. Description: Use for any additional information that might be beneficial to the reader. Usually left blank.

9. Sponsor: Enter the names of any sponsors and/or funding codes. Click Next.

Describe Item (page two)

10. Degree Name: The name of your degree.

11. Degree Level: Bachelor’s

12. College/Department: Click the name of the college or department.

13. Type: Click Poster and/or Presentation. To choose more than one type hold down the Control Key.

14. Language: Choose the language of the main content of the poster/presentation (e.g., English (United States)).

15. Keywords: Enter one keyword or phrase per box. Click Add to enter additional keywords.

16. Digitization Specifications: Include information about the software used to create the digital files. Example of digitization specifications wording:

 Original file submitted was PowerPoint (.pptx). PowerPoint file was converted to .pdf using Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2011, version 14.2.1.

 17. Click Next.

Upload Your File and Review the Submission

1. Document File: Click Browse. Locate your PDF file and Open.

2. File Description: Enter Poster or Presentation. If you have another file click Upload file & add another.

3. Click on file name(s) to verify that the correct file(s) is (are) uploaded. Click Next.

4. Review your submission. Correct any mistakes by using the Correct one of these buttons. Once everything is correct, click Next at the bottom of the page.

Grant the License(s)

1. Creative Commons License: You may add a Creative Commons license to your item, which allows your work to be shared and re-used. Click the “Creative Commons” link for more information about Creative Commons Licenses. DO NOT assign a Creative Commons license if you plan to place an embargo on your thesis.

2. Select either “License Type: Creative Commons” or “License Type: No Creative Commons License.” DO NOT select “CC0.”

a. If you select “License Type: Creative Commons” answer the two questions.
b. ScholarsArchive@OSU will automatically assign the correct Creative Commons license.

3. Click Next.

4. Read the Distribution License, check I Grant the License and click Next.

5. Click Complete submission.

Logout of ScholarsArchive@OSU Website

1. Look under My Account on the right hand side of page. Click Logout.

Your submission is now complete. You should receive an email within a few days containing the permanent url to your thesis or research paper.

Request an Embargo

If you need your research restricted to the OSU community, please review the instructions under the Embargoes tab on this web guide.

Contact Patti Black (; 541-737-7263) or Steve VanTuyl (; 541-737-3492) at OSU Libraries.