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How to Deposit Your Work

In June, 2013, the Oregon State University Faculty Senate unanimously approved an Open Access policy [pdf]. The policy applies to scholarly articles published by OSU faculty after the policy was adopted.

In recognition of Oregon State University’s land-grant mission, the Faculty is committed to disseminating its research and scholarship as widely as possible. In addition to the public benefit of such dissemination, this policy is intended to serve faculty interests by promoting greater reach and impact for articles. The policy directs faculty to submit an electronic copy of the author's accepted (post-peer review, pre-typeset) manuscript of their articles to OSU Libraries for dissemination via the ScholarsArchive@OSU institutional repository.

You may deposit your Open Access scholarly work into ScholarsArchive@OSU using our Open Access Deposit Form.

Deposit Your Research Data

The OSU Libraries Research Data Services group is housed within the Center for Digital Scholarship and Services. We provide guidance and support for all aspects of the data lifecycle, from planning your data management strategy during the proposal phase through preserving your data at the conclusion of your project. Our services are free of charge, and we are happy to partner with you on proposals and projects.

Research Data Services can help you prepare your data for deposit in ScholarsArchive@OSU or to help you find a third-party repository that meets your needs. Visit our Preserving and Sharing Data with ScholarsArchive@OSU guide for more information. 

Deposit Other Content