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Publishing for Graduate Students: Quick Links

This is a guide that supports a workshop for graduate students on approaches to publishing their work.

Working with Your Advisor

You need to think about your values and your approach"

  • What problem do you work on?
  • How do you handle and interpret data?
  • When are you done?
  • How do you work with others?
  • How do you communicate?

Your advisor can help shape your values, but ultimately they are up to you. Consider who has what role in your research effort. Who defined the project/problem? What are the conventions of your discipline?If you take credit for the research, you also take responsibility for it.
Talk about it early and often.

If you have a dispute with your advisor:

  1. Talk to your advisor.
    If you are comfortable with others on your committee, talk to them.
  2. Your Graduate School Representative is on your committee as your advocate to make sure that the rules are followed, meetings are conducted well.  He or she can also be a sounding board. 
  3. If you cannot resolve it, talk to your department chair and then your college dean.

More on Open Access

If you are interested in learning more about Open Access, here's SPARC's site addressing how graduate students get involved.

Example PDFs to Use in the Workshop