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FW 325: Global Crises in Resource Ecology

Assignment: Climate Change Debate

Current issues can be described in various ways with varying levels of bias, veracity and quality.  Reading various perspectives and styles of reporting will hone your sense of the quality of the resources you will use to investigate an issue later in the class.  These articles report on Climate Change.  As you read them, consider the differences between news, scientific publications, opinion and interpretation.

Read four of the articles linked below and write short (1-2 paragraph) reviews of each.  Consider the following in your mini-reviews:

  • Who is the author?
  • What is his or her authority on the climate change?
  • Is the piece scientific, news reporting, or opinion?
  • How would you rate each in terms of quality and accuracy of information?

You'll need to access the EOU and OSU Libraries digital collection to read the first two articles. 

When looking for the OSU articles, click the View Online tab to access the articles. 

OSU students can access the third article through the OSU Libraries and EOU students can get a copy from Dr. Kennedy.

Let your librarian know if you have a problem getting to the articles.

Assignment: Planning Your Career

Who do you want to be as a natural resource professional and what skills will you need to be successful? To get started, think about a scenario that you might face in your career and consider the skill set and information you would need to tackle the situation. Some examples include:

  • How would you approach testifying to the US Congress about solutions to the climatic impacts facing coastal communities?
  • What skills would you need to work both with Native American tribal officials and other private land owners regarding plans, desires and concerns about extinction of biodiversity on their lands?
  • How would you approach testifying to the Oregon Fish & Wildlife Commission about commercial harvest of dwindling Oregon fish populations?
  • Would you prepare differently if you were working on water shortages internationally or within the United States?

For this essay, you need to use at least three articles from the primary literature to inform your thinking. To look for appropriate peer-reviewed literature, try some of these keywords in your search:

  • Professionalism
  • Professional education
  • Professional skills
  • Conservation education
  • Careers
  • Career preparation
  • Career skills
  • Career and education
  • Undergraduate curriculum
  • Job or career opportunities
  • Qualifications

Assignment: Keeping a journal

As part of your journal writing, you need to read about international issues related to natural resources.

  • For EOU students, here's the link to the newspapers the the EOU Library has electronically.
  • For OSU students, the Libraries have some subscriptions to individual newspapers through the Newspaper Source.

Here are some links to global news media. Some of these will let you read entire articles and others may require a subscription.