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Oregon Food and Farming History

Archival and Manuscript Collections on Food Labor and Supply

Oregon Emergency Farm Labor Service Oral History Collection, 1992 

The Oregon Emergency Farm Labor Service Oral History Collection consists of five interviews conducted in 1992 of individuals familiar with farm labor in Oregon during World War II. The interviews were conducted by Oregon State University students in cooperation with the University Archives in preparation for the exhibit: Fighters on the Farm Front: The Emergency Farm Labor Service in Oregon, 1943-1947.

Extension Service Records, 1903-2011

The Extension Service Records pertain to the administration and programmatic activities of the Oregon State University Extension Service. The records document policies and procedures, research activities, special events, and services provided to Oregonians at the state and county levels. They also document the service's relationship with the federal government and extension services in other states.This large collection has a wealth of material related to food labor and supply during World War II.

Of note in the collection: 

  • Subgroup 1
    • Reports; Series 7
      • Reel 215: Series VII. Wartime Extension Work: William A Schoenfeld, 1943-1944
    • ​​Reports; Series 1
      • Reel 23 and 24: Farm Labor, 1943-1947
  • Subgroup 2
    • Director's Office, Box 16: USDA Council Oregon Meetings, 1941-1951
    • Director's Office, Series 6 Finance: Box 33: War Food, 1944-1946, Farm Labor 1943-1947
    • Director's Office, Series 6 Finance; Box 34: War Emergency Program Reports, 1944-1947
    • Director's Office, Series 9; Program Development; Box 51: Report, Oregon State Agricultural Program to Meet the Impacts of War and National Defense, May 1941
    • Director's Office; Series 10, Projects, Extension Specialists, 1914-1988; Box 76: War Food Production & Conservation, 1943-1945
    • Director's Offices; Series 10: Projects, Extension Specialists, 1914-1988; Box 66: Farm Labor Emergency. 1943-1951
    • Director's Office; Series 10, Projects, Extension Specialists, 1914-1988; Box 69: Home gardening & Victory Gardens, 1942-1945
  • Subgroup 4.  4-H & Youth Program, 1914-2002
    • Series 1: Administration
      • Box 89 War Food Administration, 1943-1944

Agricultural and Resource Economics Department Records, 1909-2008

The Agricultural and Resource Economics Department Records document research, teaching, and extension activities in agricultural economics and farm management at Oregon State University and provide extensive documentation of the economics of Oregon agriculture. The records include administrative materials, speeches and presentations, reports and original data for studies conducted by department faculty, records of the Western Rural Development Center, and extensive economic and statistical data on agriculture in Oregon assembled by the Oregon Agricultural Information Network (OAIN). Box 32 covers the Emergency Farm Labor Program in 1943.

Extension Bulletin Illustrations Photograph Collection, 1915-1963

The Extension Bulletin Illustrations Photograph Collection consists of images (primarily black-and-white photographic prints) that were created and assembled for use in Oregon State College Extension Service publications and county reports. They document extension activities in agriculture, home economics, and youth programs. Of particular note are images of the World War II period including Bracero and other farm workers in the Emergency Farm Labor Service; other wartime extension activities; and the relocation of Japanese-Americans residing in Oregon. Search the preliminary inventory for keywords such as migrant, labor, Mexican, or camp.

Extension and Experiment Station Communications Photograph Collection, 1912-1997

The Extension and Experiment Station Communications Photograph Collection consists of about 25,500 images generated by Experiment Station staff. These images were used in publications such as Oregon's Agricultural Progress and Pacific Northwest Bulletins as well as news releases, poster presentations and displays. The images depict a variety of OSU research projects, Experiment Station branch facilities, portraits of OSU staff, Extension and Experiment Station-sponsored events, and animal-oriented topics. Search the preliminary inventory for keywords such as migrant, world war, camp, or emergency.

College of Agricultural Sciences Records, 1895-1999

The College of Agricultural Sciences records document teaching, research (through the Agricultural Experiment Station), and extension programs in agriculture at Oregon State University. The records consist predominantly of the materials generated or assembled by the Dean's Office and reflect the relationships between the College and federal and state agencies and the significant role of the College in Oregon agriculture.

Of note in this collection:

  • Series IX.  Reports & Studies, 1917-1992
    • Box 17: A Survey of the Demand for Agricultural Labor in Oregon , H.H. White, Nov. 1937
  • Series X.  State, 1910-1974
    • Box 19:  Labor, Bureau of, 1958-1960

*Also highlighted in this finding aid in the "Related Materials" are references to various agriculture publications. 

Agriculture Photograph Collection, ca. 1890-1970

Several groupings of photographs were made by/for the Extension Service and the Agricultural Experiment Station, and depict the Emergency Farm Labor Service and Branch Experiment Station buildings and activities. Agricultural activities shown on campus include brooder houses, chicken coops, farm machinery classes, and the dairy barn. A small number of photos scattered throughout the collection were made by the USDA in Oregon around 1910. Approximately 92 photographs were probably collected by Wallace Kadderly for use in Western Farmer magazine, and include images of dairy and beef cattle, Canadian agriculture, groups of agricultural editors, and barns. Photographers, when known, are indicated next to each image listed in the inventory. Series II covers the Emergency Farm Labor program.

Agricultural Experiment Station Records, 1889-2002

The Agricultural Experiment Station Records document agricultural research in Oregon from the founding of the Experiment Station in 1880s. Research activities were conducted on the Oregon State University campus and at branch stations throughout Oregon. The collection is available for research, however there is not a collection list on SCARC at this time.

Of note in this collection:

  • Subgroup 1
    • VI. Annual & Biennial Reports, 1889-1967
      • Box (8/1/3/10): Farm Management, 1938/40, 1940/42, 1944/46
        • Food Technology Folder: Has information about berry research and includes original images used for reports. 
        • Annual Reports Folder: Has reports about the impact of research on farming and potentially helps with operations. 
  • Subgroup 2
    • II. John Jacob Astor, 1913-1975
      • Reel 23: Farm Work Plan, Cut Over Land, 1938
  • Subgroup 3
    • Series V. Cooperative Agreements
      • Box (8/3/5/20): 
        • Farm Management Department
          • Farm Labor Requirements, 1942-1943
    • Series V. Adams, Purnell, and Bankhead-Jones Acts Funded Projects
      • Box (8/3/5/60): Farm Management Department
        • Farm Labor Necessary for War Production Goals, 1942

Keywords that can be searched in the SCARC collections:

Labor and Food Supply in the Main Collection

Searching the Main Collection of the library is extremely beneficial for sources. The sources span many decades, and can be pinpointed to find whatever you're searching for (or at least get you on the right track!) Don't let the overwhelming sources deter you! If you're unsure of sources or searching, don't be afraid to ask a librarian for research tips.

Some key terms to use when using 1Search:

Labor and Food Supply in ScholarsArchive@OSU

ScholarsArchive@OSU is Oregon State University's digital service for gathering, indexing, making available and storing the scholarly work of the Oregon State University community. It also includes materials from outside the institution in support of the university's land, sun, sea and space grant missions and other research interests.

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