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FW 255: Field Sampling

Task 3: Incorporating Background Knowledge

Review the information on the Reading, Writing, & Citing tab. For your assignment, you will need to correctly cite three articles you have downloaded (1 can be the species account) that are relevant as you refine your project design to address your research question. Be aware that every journal and conference will have their own formatting guidelines. Some of the most common are linked on the in the Reading, Writing, & Citing tab, and you should read through at least one for information’s sake.

For this assignment, we will use JWM (Journal of Wildlife Management) formats:

Journals: general format

Bélisle, M., and A. Desrochers. 2002. Gap-crossing decisions by forest birds: an empirical basis for parameterizing spatially-explicit, individual-based models. Landscape Ecology 17:219–231.

Cox, W. A., F. R. Thompson III, B. Root, and J. Faaborg. 2012. Declining brown-headed cowbird (Molothrus ater) populations are associated with landscape-specific reductions in brood parasitism and increases in songbird productivity. PLoS ONE 7(10):e47591.

Miller, M. R. 1986. Molt chronology of northern pintails in California. Journal of Wildlife Management 50:57–64.

Note: Issue numbers are included only if the pages of each issue are numbered separately.

Theses and dissertations

Breitwisch, R. J. 1977. The ecology and behavior of the red-bellied woodpecker, Centurus carolinus (Linnaeus; Aves: Picidae), in south Florida. Thesis, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida, USA. 

Web citation

Cornell Lab of Ornithology. 2017. All About Birds, Peregrine falcon page. <>. Accessed 30 July 2019.